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Originally Posted by Tabe View Post
If you require a payment method be on file prior to bidding, this becomes a non-issue.
Have you seen the payment options? Personal or cashiers check or wire. I'm not sure why this is even an issue, AH's aren't eBay and there's nuance to maintaining a balance between the people that spend a lot of money with you, sometimes when they've had a few during bidding, and attracting consigners trying to maximize their hammer price. I had a consignment in the latest LOTG and he got me more than I expected in return. I also know that he and his family were probably up for 20 hours on auction night. So when I see morning after comments like "did you get your invoice yet" I just shake my head. Am I worried about getting a check right away? No. Not only do I trust Al and his family but I'm empathetic to how hard they work. I'll get my check when I get my check, and consign with them again. Like my Dad taught me "read the room before you open your mouth". By no means is this directed at you just a general ramble.
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