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Originally Posted by clamendo View Post
Leon, let an old football collector help you out.
They definitely came out with them in the 1925. I had a sheet in my hand. There was a letter to HoFer , George Kelly trying to entice him to give permission to inclusion in the set. The sheet and the loose Kelly were all blank-backed, however there was a loose Jack Dempsey with a 1925 copyright date and bio! There were two football notice the art-deco style. I was contemplating buying the sheet and cutting it up, but couldn’t bring my self to do it, not to mention the price was very high.
There were also 1927s. I have three football. See scans. The script is blue and not orange.
Finally, there are three very rare blanked-backed Spaldings that were so-called promos. Red Grange (rookie), Ty Cobb(owned once by Brian Wentz), and Bobby Jones (Rookie- owned by a buddy of mine).

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I saw a bunch of those blank backed Spaldings at the 2003 National and can sill see the stack like it was yesterday. Urban Shocker and Mickey Cochran were black backed as well. I thought they were not legit or something so I picked out the cards that had bios for $10 each. Got myself a nice Dempsey, Max Carey and Ray Schalk and a few others. I saw a 1925 sheet too on ebay back in 2009 or so.
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