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Originally Posted by thehoodedcoder View Post
in all seriousness then...what exactly is covered. it sounds like that has pretty much excluded just about anything that can happen except for flooding but they could argue that one im sure.

thats the problem with insurance companies. they do everything they can to not pay and when they do you don't get 100 percent of the money. they often hedge their bets, keeping a fraction of the money it would require to pay all clients, all monies that their policies cover.
Not true, a few years ago I had some cards stolen from my truck (you can look up the thread), within 60 days I got paid 100% of what I had paid on ebay for each of them. I did file a police report as my truck was broken into and a number of things were missing including the box of cards.

Sorry your card is missing Scott, that part sucks for sure.
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