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Originally Posted by homerunhitter View Post
154 views and only one response! Come on fellas! We can do better than that!

Has anyone heard or know if laying down albums is better than standing them up? I thought I read somewhere online (maybe even here) that the weight of standing up albums on the pages does damage to the cards long term?
I think most importantly you want the cards to be flat, whether they are vertical or horizontal. This comes mostly into play when the number of pages pages and cards in the binder are not enough to fill it up. So if that is the case and they are vertical, then the first several pages will droop. And if they are laid horizontal, then the outer column gets compressed and the inner column gets slightly bowed.

I've sometimes used spacers in my binders (packing foam sheets usually) or placed the binders forward and backward facing (so that you see the binding on one and the edges of the sheets on the next) to try to keep just enough pressure on the cards as the binders stand up on shelves. Generally I've used the 3" D-ring binders from Costco with the sheet insert on the cover. I've made up images for each set and printed them out and placed in the sleeve. The sleeve on the binding is full length and too tight to get a card down in it though.

Here's a few examples of the cover sheets I've used:
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