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Default T206 REFERENCE....T206-like T209 (CONTENTNEA) 1st us your T209 cards

Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Amazing Contentneas everyone! I too highly recommend Mike and Tims research on the subject. Mikes website dedicated to the issue is so well done and a true wealth of knowledge. I recently started a Series 1 set and I'm 136 deep on the Series 2 set. I'm partial to the black and white issues but these cards have the most interesting images and backgrounds. I even have a theory Jim Thorpe is seen in the background of a card. Have to get home to verify the player on the card. Good stuff!


I'd love to see the card with Jim Thorpe's image on it.

As you probably know, Thorpe played for Rocky Mount and Fayetteville during the Summers of 1910-11.

Supposedly, those two brief experiences in professional Baseball cost Jim his medals and trophies, which
he won in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. He was forced to return them.

Gee, it would have been really neat if they had included a card of Thorpe in this set.

Good Luck putting together the color set.


T206 REFERENCE....convenient access to T206 checklists
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