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Default Harry Hoch 1916 bat should it be refinished

You may have seen I had posted several early bats for trade in BST. Well I got no action. Several of these bats had been packed away including this Louisville Slugger Hoch model. Harry Hoch played. Only a few years was a pitcher and had some at bats 1913-15. This bat has 1916 labeling. I have had the bat for many years and just thought it could go as I have too many bats. One of the main reason is I donít like the dark finish. Got looking at it closer and it seems it has some paper label on it and under that it has the nice bright finish I like. Apparently itís not worth much so I think Iíll just keep it. I have two questions would it be a crime if I refinished it to the bright color and secondly does anyone know what this paper label might have been?
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