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Default Looking for information about e98 "Old Put" cards

Posted By: Richard

If the e98 issue is anonymous, what makes it a candy issue?

I thought that most of these issues were printed up and made available with specific fronts, but generic backs. They were then marketed to companies for their specific use.

For example, the printers of M101-5 printed a bunch of blank backed sets, marketed the sets to different companies and either sold the sets to these companies so they could put their own logos or print on the back, or the original printing company could do it for them.

E92s were all made by the same printer, but were distributed by a handful of companies who wanted to print up their logos on the back: Dockman gum, Nadja caramel, and Croft & Allen.

E98s could have been printed up and sold to a variety of companies and stores for various modes of distribution. In candy packages, handed out with cigars, potato chips, coffee, etc.

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