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Default Looking for information about e98 "Old Put" cards

Posted By: Bob

Dan- The whole Old Put thing is quite the mystery. All I can chime in with is that to my knowledge, every card in the E98 set had at least one card owned by someone with an Old Put back except Walsh and Kling, I've never seen an Old Put Walsh or Kling. The most I ever saw of an individual player was Clarke- I owned one (until UPS lost it), Leon had one and there was one other out there. I believe there are 2 Cobbs. Caveat- There may be some guy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who has never heard of the Net 54 Board or ebay or the National who has a whole set.
The only two I have ever seen which were on a different color background were Leon's blue Clarke and I believe one of the two Cobbs' is on a blue one (not positive). That's it, the rest are all on the same color. Dan that's just my 2 cents based on my own contacts and observations. I used to keep up closely with them but after UPS lost my card coming back from grading, I didn't have the heart for it anymore...

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