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Originally Posted by spacktrack View Post
Steve - did you receive a catalog for this auction? Back in September you asked to stop receiving the catalog, so we removed your name. I just checked the mailing list for this auction and your name wasn't on it. If you received a catalog, please let me know because that means someone other than me is sending our printer a mailing list.

Anyone who wishes to stop receiving a catalog, just drop us an e-mail or send me a PM. Happy to oblige. Also, anyone who receives a damaged or missing catalog, let us know and we'll happily replace it. There's usually a few every auction, usually less than one tenth of one percent of what we send out but it happens. I try and reach out to anyone who says theirs was missing, but I have to get a response to figure out where to send the replacement (and I don't always get a response!).

Thank you to all for the bids so far and thanks to all the consignors who made this auction possible. Looking forward to a fun final ten days.

Brian, thanks very much. No I have not received one and am glad you took me off the mailing list. Great catalogs but I really enjoy checking it out on my iPad/computer and often times end up never even opening up the catalog. Many thanks. Different strokes as they say. . . .
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