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Originally Posted by Peter_Spaeth View Post
3/13/19 eBay Auction | Image pwcc_auctions c***g 30 $1,159.00
10/11/17 eBay Image pwcc_auctions r***g 8 $192.50
8/14/16 eBay Image bigmac1960 d***s Best Offer $210.00
2/18/16 eBay Image carterscards2006 r***d 19 $146.50
1/8/16 Goodwin Image 8 $261.60
6/29/15 eBay Image carterscards2006 k***u 28 $243.50
12/16/14 eBay Image vccllc 2***_ 18 $213.50
2/10/14 Heritage Image 5 $215.00

Yes it was well-centered. It also had a divot or something on the left side. WT..... is going on here?
That IS a nice price. And I wouldn't buy that card at that price...

But before we really start piling on, it should be noted that the comps Peter pulled are a bit old. The most recent one is nearly 1.5 years old, the second-most recent more than a year older than that and all others range from three to five years prior to this sale. And if we are going to draw strong conclusions on a sale, I'd prefer to have more recent comps (and a decent number of more recent comps) to base them on.
It strikes me as ironic that on a board with an unofficial motto of "Buy the card, not the holder," that an impressive return on an impressive card is criticized. That is a fine example of that card (and really - why didn't it get the HE/purple label/etc. treatment?) and I don't begrudge the new owner at all for going above and beyond in acquiring it. I've spent more than the going rate on a few cards in my time when it was something I really wanted, as I think most collectors have at some point, even if I wouldn't come close to putting this much money on this specific card.
And if anybody here has cards on my want list that they'd part with for prices from a few years ago, please get in touch!
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