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Default This Nichols card has always perplexed me: is it the Kid ?

Posted By: Brian H 

Way back when this card was not recognized as the great Charles "kid" Nichols (find a price guide from back several years and it is a common).
Then I recall reading a well-reasoned piece in the Vintage Collector (one the the first few issues I think) that identified this player as "Kid" Nichols and also explained that NL Fan Craze cards are 1906s and the ALs are 1904s (the author used the sets player composition and team identification to do this). Previously (again find an old price guide)all of the Fan Craze cards (both leagues) were listed as 1904 issues.

The problem I have with this card now that I actually see it (it doesn't show up much) is that it just doesn't look to me like Kid Nichols when I compare it with the (few) other photos I have seen of him.
any comments?

* I might add (just to be clear) that the seller, David Bryan is a one of the best and I am in no way criticizing him (or PSA for that matter). I just find this card rather perplexing. There are some others in the Fan Craze set that I also find mysterious -- Jacobson for instance, who is he? I

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