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Default Goudey reprints

Posted By: fkw

Hi, There are many places to look to see if a card has a charactoristic of a reprint R319 Goudey (1933).

The first place I usually look is on the back between the words "GOUDEY GUM CO." and the word "BOSTON", some tougher reprints mainly "Renatta Galasso" (sp) (an east coast baseball card store in 80's) will have words like "Renatta Galasso", or "reprint" in this space that is always blank on authentic cards. "Doctored" reprints will have scuff marks or damage in this area to cover this "doctoring". Some reprints will have backs printed in black or bright green (much brighter than authentic cards), easily seen as a reprint when compared with an authentic card. Another place to look on back is at the bottom, on most authentic (not all) 1933 Goudeys there will be a light ghost image of the red bar across the back caused by cards rubbing together or from tacky ink right after printing (stacked sheets). I have even owned a couple Ruths that have his name and other parts of front lightly printed in reversed on the top back, this is from stacked freshly printed sheets as well (see picture of the backs, these 2 cards pictured are extreme, most examples will have a lighter ghost image).

The front has a few things to look for as well, first I usually look at the white border. On fakes some will have the red strip and the background color line up perfectly (on both sides) with a straight white border. Because of the printing technique in the 30's, most Goudey will have the colors not line up perfectly. Real cards will usually have the red strip overlap into the white border on the left or right or both sides (see picture... look at the very end of the red strip on each end, notice how this strip extends farther into the white border than the background color just above it (in this case green or light blue background). I have yet to see a fake that has this characteristic, they will always have a clean straight edge all the way around picture (because the picture is slightly cropped all the way around when they made the reprint), and even will have a hand hat bat etc. extend ever so slightly into the white border as well.

Lastly if you look at card in person, the real cards are not glossy, and are printed on a very thick stock. I have to see a reprint in person that was good enough to fool even a beginner when compared to an original. Good luck, Frank

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