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Originally Posted by frankbmd View Post
What’s next?

Live from the PWCC vault,

Heeeeeeeeere’s Betsy.

featuring Gary Moses and the PWCC orchestrated card gang playing

XACTOMUNDO, their hit single with all the trimmings

With special guests

The Dothan Duo, aka battlefield,

The banned Net54 member of the week

And an exclusive interview with Joe Jackson.

Brought to you by the slowest TPG in the west, P................S.................A

where they guarantee that all your submissions will qualify for long term capital gains.
Brentsy could offer live weekly seminars on various "restoration" techniques like recoloring, trimming, chemical whitening, and the like. And a two-hour special on "market pushing." Asset management, as it were. I'd find that more interesting than watching Kenny, honestly.
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