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Originally Posted by Joeybats View Post
If anyone has cards they are looking to get rid of (condition not a big deal) of 70-71, 71-72, or 72-73 hockey please let me know. I just finished the 73-74 set and am only a few cards short on 75-76 so I have decided to take on a project to complete the early 70s sets. I am trying to complete both Topps and OPC. I have a decent amount of star cards from the early 70s sets but I am looking to get as many placeholder cards to get those sets going. I can't really do the one card at a time eBay route as the shipping makes the common cards unreasonable. I have other vintage hockey, baseball, football, and basketball to trade if someone wants to swap. Also, just got my hands on a large lot of 82 and 84 Topps baseball, and 84 Donruss baseball if there are any set builders that may have some of the hockey I am looking to get. Thanks in advance to this great community!
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