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Default T206 REFERENCE....."fat" AMERICAN BEAUTY cards....If you have any, let's see them

Originally Posted by Pat R View Post
The point is this is how the pop reports get skewed especially on the lower pop cards. This Jennings has now been in three different holders. The SGC
pop report lists 3 different Jennings one hand American Beauty's when actually there's only one.

I'm not sure what you are driving at ?

Are you suggesting that collectors be "forbidden" to RE-SUBMIT their cards for grading in order to get a GRADE, which truly represents their card ? ?
Just because re-submitting cards will "skew" the Pop Reports.

This has been going on since Day 1 in the grading business.

Come on Pat, GET REAL ! !


T206 REFERENCE....convenient access to T206 checklists
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