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Originally Posted by tedzan View Post
Hi Ron

Interesting story, thanks for posting it. And, pardon me if I take some liberty in augmenting this comment of your's......"I found it. Hooks Wiltse Pitching PSA 2 with a blurry scan
of the Piedmont 350-460 back. Even with the blurry scan, I could tell the factory line was longer (factory 42) than all the other Piedmont backs. So I hit the Buy It Now for $44.95
and have been hooked

Speaking about the Wiltse (pitching) card, how many of you T206 "dudes" are aware that this card has a unique feature ? The Wiltse (pitching) card's caption is unique in that it's
missing a DOT after the Y in "N. Y."
I have checked out my Wiltse cards [AMERICAN BEAUTY 460, PIEDMONT 350-460, SOVEREIGN 350, SWEET CAPORAL 350 (Factory #30) and UZIT].the DOT is omitted on all of
them. Therefore, I don't think we can call this a "variation". I have not seen this type of DOT omission on any other T206 captons with "N. Y."

Hi Ted, Hooked lol yup! I have 7 different Wiltse backs and will check them in a few weeks when I have the cards out again. It would be interesting to find one.
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