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Well, Roy Campanella never dropped off of a cliff, but the last six or so years of his career were more like a rollercoaster with 100 point jumps/dips in batting averages. Mickey Vernon...the guy would hit .260, win a batting title, then hit .260 again. And these were people who could really play.

Chuck Klein, like Campy a HOFer, went from being this astounding hitter for six years to being a, what?... nice hitter (this isn't a complement) with no power after he left the Phillies. Of course, leaving Baker Bowl didn't help much.

Norm Cash? He put up those good numbers the first year of expansion in the AL. Tiger Stadium was built for left-handed power hitters (jeez, Lou Whitaker could hit homers in Detroit). I always figured the ball club wanted Cash to sacrifice average for power.

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