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Default Oscar Charleston Uniform Number?

I was curious if anyone had any info on what Oscar Charleston’s uniform number was when he played with the Crawford’s or Grays. They had numbers during that time period however all I can find is numbers from when he was a manager post 1940. The closest I’ve come is seeing a picture of the lineup from the ‘36 all star game however because he managed that game he was not listed although a picture from the same game he is in his Crawford’s uniform. I was hoping that maybe someone here owned a program from one of the east west games or a Crawford’s/Grays program or scorecard that may have his number. To tell you how far my search has went I was just at the NLBM this last week and met the president and one of the couriers and they don’t have anything on file either. As Buck O’Neil said, he’s most likely “the greatest baseball player you’ve never heard of.” And so far I can say he’s very hard to research outside of a book done a few years ago.

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