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Thank you to Adam for these. I generally don't collect the N cards because the boxing N cards are either

1) Not realistically possible to complete a set because they are so scarce or

2) The set has baseball players in it which means completing the set costs $$$$$$ and I'm a cheapass.

I've gotten better at accepting I just won't complete some sets and enjoy having an incomplete set. I may pick up the non-baseball's, but I'm not willing to pay the price for Anson/Kelly etc. Thanks to Adam, I just got the boxing subset in one go without having to decide to chase them all down. Thanks Adam.

The Mitchell is much nicer than I thought it was looking at the pictures, the colors really pop on the lithographic cards when they aren't toned as most of them are, even in higher grades. Jem Smith is my favorite of the N162's.

Of course, I believe I still need to get the variations. Mitchell and Dempsey have the lithographer line at back bottom, Sullivan and Smith do not (Kilrain has paper loss obscuring his). I don't know which back type is tougher and am not knowledgeable about this issue. I believe all 50 cards come both ways, but this may be wrong.
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