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Default First vintage card - CJ McGraw

I have a 12 year old son who's pretty into baseball. He has played really well in little league the past few years and has a small collection of modern baseball cards as well as pokemon cards.

We are moving, today he's driving with his mom and his brother to the new house a few states away. With him, along with his backpack, he took his box of cards.

I don't talk about my hobby much, my kids know I have old cards but I haven't shared much about them yet. Now that they are getting older that's likely to change.

Anyway, as they were driving out I decided to give him a card, for him to look at on the ride, and so he has something in his collection that's vintage. This is one I picked up at the national maybe 8 years ago. I can't remember what I paid for it, I seem to remember $50, but there is no way it was more than $150. I gave it to him this afternoon, explained to him the history of the card - how it came from a Cracker Jack box in 1915 (how you can tell because the back is upside down, and you know it wasn't a mail order one because of the caramel stains.) We are Giants fans, and I told him a bit about who John McGraw was, and he was really excited to hear everything. I think it's something that he'll hold onto for the rest of his life. Not everybody has a 100+ year old baseball card. It's a pretty cool thing to own.

I told him I don't really know what it's worth, a few hundred bucks maybe. With the way card values have gone up lately I dunno what it would probably sell for these days. Any guesses? Might be cool to tell him approximately what it's worth.

As a sidenote: I really like raw cards. So much better to be able to feel them, touch them, and hold them, rather than just look at them through their plastic coffins.
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