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Scott, as I told you in the previous message, I like to learn and now I have learned something that I did not know, thank you very much Scott, because I never read what was discussed in that debate in which I had a small intervention, my mission was to confirm that these The cards were authentic and not forgeries, I did not know that before and afterwards there were debates, they never informed me, a few minutes ago I read something, but later I will continue reading, those cards were taken to my house and I wanted to buy them, but those who brought it They wanted to sell them on ebay, I immediately knew that they were original and very rare but 100% authentic, a few days later they returned to my house to tell me that on ebay they had doubts, since they thought they were false, and that the next day at 3 o'clock In the afternoon they were going to make a phone call, and I agreed to go that day, I went and talked to my friend Ryan and told him in my terrible English that they were real, not forgeries, after a few minutes on the computer they connected to net54, I did not I knew what e that site existed, and the questions began, some showed boxing cards etc and I answered everything, as for the 4 cards of Almendares players, it was analyzed and between Ryan and I, it was agreed that they were authentic, that they were printed in 1922, although in two cases they said 1911 and in another 1915, that was my analysis since they were all in my hands and I scanned them, luckily for me due to doubts of the buyers who had doubts, I was able to negotiate 2 of the Almendares and currently They are in my collection, and I consider that they are one of the rarest of the Cuban cards, but I repeat 100% original, and in my catalog they are all and I give a detailed explanation, I thought that when I left the debate and the moderator thanked the debate from Cuba that according to him was good, it was all over and he never talked about that again, but I see that it continued and at times he was tense, I never knew about it and I am glad I was not in that discussion, I have seen that some who They are in this thread they participated in that debate in 2014, if you want some information about my conclusions about those Romeo and Juliet cards, you can ask me. Greetings Scott.
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