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Noting that this thread has now been viewed almost 5000 times, I think it is important to note The extreme rarity of the cards Rolando has shown us. There are probably ten cards/postcards in this thread that are more scarce then a Honus t206. I think a fair comparison would be a t206. Ty Cobb with a Ty Cobb back. The Punch cards for example probably have under 10 examples each. I think there is a perception that once Cuba opens up there will be a flood of these cards into the US market. Rolando is telling us that this is not true, that these cards are rare in Cuba. He is the only one who has these. Itís not like there are a whole bunch of collectors with similar collections. Monte Irvin doesnít come to your house if there are 20 other guys who have the same cards. Just to illustrate my point REA has an auction that opened today with 3000 lots, tens of thousands of cards and photos. There are four Cuban cards, one auto and one photo.
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