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Default 1949 BOWMAN "Slates"....and other color printing errors

Originally Posted by Bram99 View Post
Question for the forum and possibly Ted Z.

I've read that many/most/all? of these cards are actually cut from full sheets and not issued in actual packs. I've heard that they are grey because they didn't go through the final color process and thus they were "rejects" at the time from the printing process.

Does anyone know whether any of these cards were company issued in packs, or were they all hand-cut. Most of the ones I've seen that are graded by the third party grading companies are "A". But once in a while i see numerical grades, which makes me believe these examples are not hand-cut. See a Campy RC that sold on eBay tonight that was graded SGC 9.

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Theoretically, all 252 subjects in this set may have certain colors missing in the 4-color printing process that resulted in a Slate card. However, most of the Slate cards are cards whose backgrounds are Green, Light Blue, Orange, or Yellow pastel colors. Very rarely can you find a Slate card that is normally a Red or Dark Blue card.

Furthermore, the Low # (75 - 144) cards are easier to find as Slates. The Hi numbered cards (#145 - 240, plus the 12 variations) are extremely rare. For example, here are 3 of mine:


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