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Default Goldin Auction, thx for the quick check!

Just want to call out Goldin Auction for their quick check of my consignment. My item ended in their last auction (March 8th.... I think) and received my check today. Surprisingly, the check was from FedEx and I totally unexpected that since it was just barely over $15k.... not a fat check at all. I am not sure whether they use FedEx to pay everyone but those fees add up quick for those that are only a few hundred dollar checks. (Well... not many things ended in 3 figures in Goldin auction anymore.. LOL)

Just a side note, I consigned something to another auction house before and also got paid in a month ..... BUT the check was delivered in regular mail and had my address WRONG!!!! Cool that my smart postman still delivered to the correct house!!! I was disappointed, of course!

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