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Default Poor Manís E103 Journey

There have been several journeyís documented in regards to set building, so I thought I would begin to set mine down. I started the E103 Williams set without realizing I was doing so when I bought my first one (Davy Jones, before he was in the Monkees) several years ago from another board member. I picked another common up later and then one of the big three for the set (Christy Mathewson, cause I named my second born after him). After that, I guess I got hooked and have been picking them up here and there from auctions, eBay, and board members. I appreciate those who have contributed and look forward to keeping this string going til I hit number 30.

Feel free to post any insights or thoughts about the set.

Without further ado, here are my first 8, and when my next two arrive I shall post them as well!

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Lou Gehrig Items
Christy Mathewson Cards
Addie Joss Cards
E103 (28/30 93%)
T206 NY Highlanders (100%)
1956 Topps Yankees (100%)
Pre-War NY Highlanders/Yankees (E, M, T)
T210 Series 3 Orange Borders (4/20 20%)

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