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The following are the 75 1970 unique Type 2 Player PhotoStamps by print sheet designation (the 1-7/8”x~3” (height was >15/16” & >3”) did not have “cut lines but were separate by a white margin -- cutting these stamps to the back solid outline would produce a card -- this was chancy and depended upon exact front/back printing registration):

Sheet 19 -- Lou Piniella, Dick Green, Rich Reese, Mike Kilkenny, Dave Boswell ,Al Weis, Mike Hegan, Chuck Dobson, Bob Oliver, Ron Perranoski, Bill Butler & Bobby Bolin
Sheet 20 -- Bobby Wine, Al Oliver, Ron Brand, Rudy May, Tom Satriano, Steve Carlton, Frank Reberger, Nolan Ryan, Jay Johnson, Coco Labay, Bob Moore & Bill Stoneman
Sheet 21 -- Reggie Jackson, Pat Dobson, Sparky Lyle, Andy Messersmith, Duke Sims, Bobby Murcer, Leo Cardenas, Mike Cuellar, Vern Fuller, Earl Wilson, Mark Belanger & Grant Jackson
Sheet 22 -- Bill Russell, Ted Sizemore, Bobby Tolan, Nate Colbert, Joe Hoerner, Larry Hisle, Alex Johnson, Wayne Granger, Denny Lemaster, Donn Clendenon, Fred Gladding & Jackie Hernandez
Sheet 23 -- Dave Campbell, Wayne Comer, Harold Kelly, Tito Francona, Dick Dietz, Gerry McNertney, Vada Pinson, Joe Perry, Ron Hansen, Vicente Romo, Bill Melton & Joe Sparma
Sheet 24 -- Bob Didier, Claude Raymond, Sandy Alomar, Buddy Bradford, Clay Kirby, Richie Hebner, Ken Tatum, Bobby Bonds, Ken Holtzman, Ron Reed, Carl Yastrzemski & Manny Sanguillen
Sheet 25 -- Jim Davenport, Steve Hovley & Walt Williams

1970 Type 3-- [/B](All-Star -- 1970 Baseball Stars Album Centerfold Starter Set)[/B] -- 12 tear-perforated with long dashes on backs, and all caps are airbrushed. This THIRD stand-alone issue of MLB PhotoStamps unique to 1970 is comprised of just one sheet of 12 All-Star “starter” player stamps for the 1970 Edition of the Sports Stars Album. The stamps are the same size as the Type 2 1970 stamps with the same long dash marks on the backs, but they use the same airbrushed logo photos as the 1969/70 stamps. This is the only TEAR-PERFORATED PhotoStamp sheet.
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