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Default 1970 MLB Photostamps

As the 1970 MLB Photostamps are even less well described, I will break down these variations similar to the 1969 MLB variations for clarity only. These are not described this way in any documentation (i.e. SCD, Becketts), but we feel it is difficult to describe the information without this separation.

1970 MLB PhotoStamps -- (303 possible -- 87 unique to 1970):
Variety/Type 1 with backs a&b = 216
Variety/Type 2 = 75
Variety/Type 3 =12

1970 Variety/Type 1 a&b -- 216 hand-cut with dotted line backs, some have "Official Album" verbiage on backs but no players exist with both back types. This is an IDENTICAL Re-issue (continued issue?) of the 1969 216 PhotoStamps (1-7/8”x~3” (height was >15/16”& >3”) to the “cut lines). As noted above in the 1969 discussion, the original 216 stamps were on 18 sheets (AL. 1-9 and NL 1-9) of 12 PhotoStamps each (not grouped by team or listed alphabetically) though they were issued with two types of backs and possibly some variance in card stock.
Due to these 1970 Variety/Type 1 a&b cards being identical to the 1969 version, many refer to
ALL these photostamps as 1969/1970 versions (as we did above in the 1969 section)

Note: The photo examples here are the same as in the 1969 Variety/Type 1 above

1970 Variety/Type 2 -- 75 hand-cut with long dashes on backs, cap logos are NOT airbrushed and players are not included in any previous 1969 set. These stamps, unique to 1970 are listed below. These players were NOT in the 1969/1970 set of 216, their cap logos ARE visible (NOT airbrushed), and their backs have long dash marks (NOT dotted or solid lines) separating the gluing instructions (see scan). These PhotoStamps are printed on paper lighter in color and marginally lighter weight. These came on 7 sheets (6 had 12 players, a 7th had only 3 players).

The SCD for the 1970 MLB Photostamps lists 288 of the total 291 players by team (the 3 players on the final sheet #25 are not included). The Beckett’s listing has the 288 players listed alphabetically in groups of 12 players undivided by team name (team designation is cited in the general verbiage).
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