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Default 1969/1970 Summary

You will quickly notice two things about these 1969 Type 2 card fronts. First, if you compare the Clemente fronts from the 12-player sheet in the Type 1 section and the 8-player sheet above, you will see they look identical. The only difference comes in the paper weight and whiter stock color, OR when you see the stamp back. Second, on a stamp like the PSA 1969 MLB stamp of Hank Aaron above, the “yellow” header is always present in these 12-player sheets, but there is no yellow on any 8-player sheet so for stamps in the Aaron position on the 12-player sheets, both the fronts AND backs are different between the Type 1 and Type 2 in 1969.

These are not specifically noted in either the SCD or the Beckett’s. The following 24 players (alphabetically) of the above cited group (Type 1) of 216 were NOT issued in the earlier "Type 2" group:

*1969 Variation Player Differences -- Present ONLY in Type 1 stamps/ Absent in Type 2:
Andy Etchebarren - Orioles
Bob Allison - Twins
Bob Rogers - Angels
Chico Salmon - Pilots
Ed Stroud - Senators
John Donaldson - A's
Jose Santiago - Red Sox
Ken Berry - White Sox
Larry Brown - Indians
Mickey Stanley - Tigers
Steve Hamilton - Yankees
Steve Whitaker - Royals
Bob Aspromonte - Braves
Bill Hands - Cubs
Tony Cloninger - Reds
Jesus Alou - Astros
Len Gabrielson - Dodgers
Jim Fairey - Expos
Bud Harrelson - Mets
Rick Wise - Phillies
Jerry May - Pirates
Dick Selma - Padres
Mike McCormick - Giants
Dal Maxville - Cardinals

In Summary:

1969 MLB PhotoStamps

While the Variety /Type 1 set was issued for baseball's 1969 Centennial is well cataloged, there is a variation to it. We believe that the 4 booklets each containing 48 stamps corresponding to each division NLwest, east, AL west, east, listed at Variety/Type 2, actually were released early in 1969 with only the 192 player stamps available. Then the Variety /Type 1 stamps (216) were re-released later on in the year in the traditional 18 sheets of 12. This made for the addition of 24 extra players for the second set.

Variety/Type 1 (a & b) were issued on18 sheets (A.L. 1-9 and N.L 1-9) of 12 random players each (Note: the actual AL & NL Albums were formatted for 9 players for each of 24 teams = 216 total). This printing has a “dotted” line on the back separating the gluing instructions replacing the “shortened solid” line on the back of the earlier photostamp, and is printed on off-white stock. The Type 1b stamps have additional language on the backs about pasting the stamps in the Official Album, but the players whose stamps have that language ALWAYS have that language -- It's not a variation. And, no players exist with both with both back types.

The variation between the two printings is mainly on the back and the total number of players. The photos are identical although on many you may find they are cropped a hair different (or have the yellow border as noted in the Aaron above). The Variety/Type 2 (first print run) stamps are much scarcer and have a solid line on the back while the Variety /Type 1 set (second print run) carries a dotted line.

Neither variety of 1969 PhotoStamps is tear-perforated.
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