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1969 Variety 2 (aka. Type 2) – The Variety/Type 2 set was first issued early in 1969 in 4 booklets each containing 48 -- 1-7/8” by 3" PhotoStamps (4 to a ½ page – totaling 192). When affixed in the albums the players would correspond to each division -- NL West & East, and AL West& East. The back had a “shortened solid” line separating the gluing instructions and is printed on slicker, whiter stock. This “solid line” variety is more scarce, particularly in both AL booklets, as well as the NL West booklet.

192 hand-cut cards with short solid line (between glue instructions) backs (the stamps were 1-7/8”x 3” to the back side “cut lines). These 192 photostamps were issued in early 1969 in 4 booklets of 48 stamps (printed on slicker, whiter stock of less weight than the Type 1) in the team arrangement below:

SERIES 1 AL Oakland, Minnesota, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, California = 48 stamps
SERIES 2 AL Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Washington, New York, Cleveland = 48 stamps
SERIES 3 NL Atlanta, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego = 48 stamps
SERIES 4 NL Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, St Louis, Philadelphia, Montreal = 48 stamps
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