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There is natural color differences between cards, sometimes drastic, without there being any kind of variant to go after. However, the Cardinals row in 1956, one of the 2 short printed rows, appears to be a bit more than that.

Cards have 1 of 2 looks - a light orange name plate box, with a 'smoother' look to the image and the dark blue background color. The players faces appear properly rendered, uniforms correct.

The second aesthetic is a dark orange name plate box, red ink more prominent in the players uniform, not just in the red top but often visible in the pants, and areas where red ink is not needed at all. The background doesn't look so smooth, it has a scratchier, less clean look that I'm not quite sure how to describe.

These differences all come in combination, on all Cardinals. It appears to me to be a legitimate variation, and does not really come in gradients but is clearly 1 or the other type of print.
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