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Originally Posted by GoldenAge50s View Post
I sent them around 60 cards back in the early beginning, mainly because of the lesser wait time & reasonable pricing. I also wanted to see how a new Company would fare.

I definitely feel they were TOUGHER on Centering than any of the established graders, and feel many of my cards were, if anything, UNDERGRADED!

I believe several of my cards stand a good chance of an upgrade if resubmitted to PSA or SGC!

I sent about 40 or 50 cards to CSG at the beginning. All modern cards. The grades were overly harsh. Stupidly harsh. I cracked out all of the cards that were any good (8 or 9 of them) and crossed them over to PSA and SGC. All but one got a grade bump at PSA and SGC. Cards that are perfectly 50/50 centered on front getting 8.5 sub grades because back centering is 60/40. It's absolutely ridiculous.

But the crazy thing is they seem to overgrade vintage. Cards that would get 3s at PSA get 5s at CSG. It's just an entirely different grading scale. It's like a blend of PSA for modern and BVG for vintage but with the BGS grading scale.
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