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Originally Posted by Johnny630 View Post
No, to me they way over grade.

This is horrible for a 8. Corners are weak, back corner has a crease.

I mean, jeez, just replace this with the 10's of 1000's of PSA 8's, 9's and 10's that are basically just trimmed authentics.

I think they're fine. Slabs are almost the exact same size as PSA, so not sure why people are hung up on the size of the flips.

I sent them about 20 cards or so. They might grade vintage differently from PSA, but I know for sure I got some modern-ish (late 70's-80's foreign issues) 9's and 9.5's, that seem to be graded tougher then some PSA 10's I sent in and got back around the exact same time.

10's seem to be nearly impossible from them.

I'll admit, that Chase does look horrible in that flip. Hopefully it's just a hiccup, as all the TPG's have gone through periods of sloppy gasket placements and inserts at one time or another.

Got several "Newton's Rings" examples from PSA, that are rather annoying, but likely not damaging in any sort of way.
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