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Originally Posted by topcat61 View Post
I read where Barry Halper had an uncut sheet of 1926 Sports Co. of America\Spalding Champions in his Auction catalog? I own a copy of the catalog and couldn't find it and have heard that there were some items that were not in it but found online only?

Is there an uncut sheet from 1925 as well? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
page 319-320 of the Sotheby's catalog

Lot #858 - 1926 "Sport Company of America" Uncut sheet
sold for $4,600

Lot #860 - 1926 Spalding Card Store Display "Sport Company of America"
sold for $3,162

Lot #859 was a lot of 172 Max Carey cards from that set sent to Max Carey
sold for $1,955

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