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Originally Posted by Peter_Spaeth View Post
Is this related, also involved scam out of San Diego?
Yes, that's him.

The scammer in this thread is one of the biggest the hobby has ever seen. I gathered much more information about him after two failed scams against me over a year apart. I was the one that had a $40,000 deal in the works, figured it out, and alerted Leon. I've connected him to multiple alts on CU, net54, and blowoutcards. He has been doing this for many years and is now perfectly replicating PSA slabs as well. It's believed that he is operating out of Mexico and will be very hard to stop. He was the ring leader of the Cyrus Stivers case and Stivers never even met him nor knew who he was. He does everything from out of the country and uses other people as pawns, some of them don't even know they're selling fraudulent or stolen cards.
His best scam is putting authentic, trimmed/altered/lower grade cards into fake PSA slabs. These things look scary legit.
If you have ever dealt with this person, it's highly likely what you received was either stolen or counterfeit.
I've connected him to the following scams:

All of the following are likely banned or inactive now but here's some of his various alts (I'll update this list as I learn more):
net54 = sportscollector, sam1952
blowoutcards = supercollector2012, expertcollector
CU = Will update this soon.

eBay ids: reedca76, moderncollector2012, encapsulated_icons, top_shelf_cards, highest-grade
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