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A laser cutter leaves a very different edge than a guillotine cutter. The difference should be obvious to someone who knows what they're looking at.

That being said, I've often wondered if the place I worked for would consent to an experiment of cuting a T206 on the cutter to see if the edges would pass grading. I don't have any that I'd be willing to destroy though and if it passed I'd destroy it for sure after documenting it enough.

I am curious what things aside from the front/back combo make people think it's trimmed? I don't see anything that seems obvious to me. A couple corners look slightly odd, a bit too sharp on one of the edges. But I have a few that I know aren't trimmed with the same sort of corner.

And the disclaimers
I'm not bidding on the card - it would be several times my lifetime expenditures on cards so far.

I'm ambivalent about TPG, there are some good things and some bad about it. I still look at the card if I'm buying.

Steve Birmingham
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