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PSA told me they would only grade the cards if they had a checklist for the set and they don't have a checklist. I've never heard that before - anyone else? I thought they'd love to have their name on rare cards like this and would do a little research if it's something they've never seen.

I've talked to many vintage, Mantle, and regional collectors and there is very little known about this set and these cards. I will keep everyone posted as I find out more. I also appreciate the many generous offers for the cards (especially the Mantle), but if I sell them it will be via auction. Right now, I'm just focused on finding out more information regarding the cards (a checklist would be great but that may be very unlikely). Thanks again everyone!

By the way - the Mascot Dog Food Label that I posted was just from a label I found doing an internet search - it was not from the year of these cards.
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