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Board Members,

Here are a few comments on some of the points made by participants of this post:
  • Though not part of our regular service offering, PWCC has had cards graded on behalf of our clients, usually at major shows, which are then consigned to our auctions. In rarer cases, we have also purchased cards on behalf of consignors with whom we manage a credit. This is largely consistent with every other auction house in the country.
  • We did indeed engage PSA to verify the accuracy of their assessment on this 1936 WWG DiMaggio. As we strongly believed, the card is graded accurately and this was re-confirmed by PSA prior the auction sale.
I want to make another point here. Courtney DeLorme is a person with whom we no longer do business. Mr. DeLorme is now the first person in the history of PWCC to have been blocked as an individual rather than a specific user ID. This action was decided upon as a result to the ever-expanding list of abuse to our company, us as individuals, and the hobby at large. His main user ID has been blocked for some time due to extensive bid retractions. Last week all other user IDs associated with Mr. DeLorme were blocked due to personal threats and abuse, auction manipulation, and a very large unpaid debt. Mr. DeLorme went so far as to attack me on my personal Facebook page which was unfortunately viewed by many of my own friends and family. Many people know the reputation that Mr. DeLorme carries in the hobby; no longer doing business with him has been a huge relief for our family.

Betsy Huigens

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