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Originally Posted by bnorth View Post
I for one appreciate you posting about this. Could you please post a timeline of ownership and card grade during their ownership to the best of your knowledge? Thank you!
Originally Posted by Whodunit View Post
I don't know who consigned it to REA, but I know who won it in REA. So, a timeline prior to "final value" in their auction, I can't even begin to speculate on. From the time that it sold in REA to date though, I can FAR MORE than speculate.
Originally Posted by 1952boyntoncollector View Post
Thats always your fallback argument on everything but thats the the industry standard. I dont see every fault put on a card. It may not matter there is a micro spec on a card (that cant be seen in the picture ) as well to a seller but maybe to one buyer out there it could matter. Thus, just knowing someone may bid less if they knew something isnt enough to prove a scam.

Im sure you have sold card on net54 and not disclosed things. Maybe its because you dont think they were material, however, as you say 'ask yourself, if it didnt matter, why not disclose it'

I was the buyer that Brent sold the card to. He bought the card as an SGC 50. He doctored it. He sold it to me as a PSA 7 WITHOUT DISCLOSING MATERIAL FACTS that HE KNEW would have affected my decision. So, with that argument, tell me how Peter is wrong? I paid 75K for a card that I wouldn't have paid 5K for had the truth been DISCLOSED.