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Originally Posted by cobblove View Post
Could it be another WIWAG type deal? I wonder if these guys were getting into Fake PSA slabs and high grade modern stuff. Like Jordan 10s and what not. Will be interesting to see what comes of this. So these were the only transactions he did on here correct? But he did maybe 7 figures? Of what? Whats his ebay id if yall have it?
Please be careful quoting what I say in this thread as fact. Most of it is what I believe, or have been told, and is not substantiated. I was told it was in fact Jordon rookies on the fake cards and maybe some slabs....but again, don't take that as gospel. The reason this is sketchy is because of the amount of fraud, multiple scammers (a ring) and the ongoing investigation. The guy that told me he was Den, whom I spoke to yesterday, is obviously a skilled scam artist. I have got almost all of my info from another board member who I will not name. The Secret Service agent told me very little, of course. I wouldn't expect them to divulge much information. I asked if there were multiple victims, I was told yes. I said, if I were to say on my chat board that these people are bad people would that be true? I was told yes. There really wasn't a whole lot more in that conversation. I then forwarded some emails and offered my help in any way possible. Hopefully we will be able to find out more as it comes out....

Edited to add...I received 3-5 emails and PMs from board members that did good deals with this person. I didn't receive any emails or PMs of bad deals. The scammer even kept saying that all of his deals on the board were good, and he was correct. I have to believe it was to set up a bigger, fraudulent deal. There was a 40k one in the works that got stopped at the last hour....thank God. That might have been what they were going for on the board, I don't know.
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