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HNM1959 01-13-2021 08:42 AM

LTB: '62 Post Football
Post Cereal Football set...FIVE NEEDS:

Looking for "5-6" condition......Do not need PSA grading

Also have several duplicates to trade in excellent to nr-mint condition or lots of 60's vintage, if interested

This marathon started at the advent of Covid, eleven months ago. At the start, 110+ cards were needed. During this journey, I have also completed sets on '62 Post Baseball, '61 Fleer HOF set, and 1962 Topps Football Bucks. With much help, including Ken Marks-Sacramento (author of Goal Posts) and Wayne Villarrubia-New Orleans, I was able to attain many wanted items. After a 60 year hiatus, the return to some childhood endeavors has been memory jogging. These sets are for a personal collection and will be passed on to my grandchildren. Thanks in advance for any help.

#24 Morrison

#93 Dave Baker

#110 Coia

#133 Tracy

#193 Krakoski

I can be reached at or just post in this thread!

HNM1959 01-22-2021 11:15 AM


1962 Post Cereal Football Needs :TEN TOTAL

FOUR- Commons

18-Bob Gaiters

67-Gene Hickerson

73-Jim Ray Smith

181- Dick Pesonen


#61 Jim Brown

#93 Dave Baker

#110 Coia

#133 Tracy

#139-A. Green


Thanks for any help or direction, to complete this marathon

RJ Hawking

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