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Butch7999 05-14-2021 12:00 PM

Hola Roland, gracias por esas nuevas fotos! Esa es información útil.

¿Podría publicar más fotos del juego de Martin, por favor? Usted sugirió (mensaje #187) que tenía la caja de juego
(nos encantaría ver eso) y el marcador. ¿También podría publicar una foto de todo el tablero de juego?
(La foto anterior fue recortada para mostrar sólo una parte de ella.)

¡Eso suena como una gran bicicleta y grandes recuerdos de la infancia! Nuestra curiosidad era porque
ahora vivimos no muy lejos de las cataratas del Niágara y siempre estamos interesados en la historia local
-- pensamos que "Niagara" tal vez podría haber sido un fabricante local.

Estábamos asistiendo a los partidos de Buffalo Bison cuando Herrera jugó aquí, pero éramos demasiado jóvenes
entonces para recordar ahora si realmente lo vimos jugar. Sus hazañas aquí, sin embargo, eran legendarias!


Roland 49 05-14-2021 04:37 PM

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Buth, the box and the lid of the Martin's game does not say anything, it is a box with its lid made to measure, in light green color, now I am sending you, as we say in Cuba, a "Maruga" for a baby from Havana, with the Leon, inside he has some balls or something that makes them sound when he moves them, when I have time I look for what you asked me, the game board.

Roland 49 05-14-2021 04:43 PM

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Now you will see the covers of the albums of the weekly "Pionero" that of 1970 and 1971, and previously I showed you the cards.

Roland 49 05-15-2021 02:45 PM

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Now I show you 2 marble sinks that were placed in the halls of the stadium in 2021, a continuation of the players who fought in the war of 1895, and the other of the women who played baseball in Cuba, some of them in the 19th century, some names are missing on the two boards and work is being done to recognize them on other boards soon.

Roland 49 05-16-2021 11:14 AM

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They asked me by mail to show some memorabilia things, now they will see the complete set in two different sizes of figures of the 4 teams in ceramic.

Roland 49 05-17-2021 01:35 PM

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Jason, days ago I published a program of the American Series, I think you saw it, now I show a weekly program with the cover of Silvio Garcia, you may not have seen it, these programs were sold at the entrance of the stadium and I remember that my father always I bought them and gave them to me.

Roland 49 05-18-2021 04:47 PM

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Now I show you some pins with comic drawings, all from the Havana club, there are many, they appear in Volume 3 of my catalogs.

Roland 49 05-19-2021 02:15 PM

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Now you will see some of the Cuban memorabilia, key rings from Habana and Almendares.

Roland 49 05-20-2021 11:02 AM

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Butch, now I'm sending you the Martin's game board, it has wheels at the bottom and top to mark, when you see it, let me know.

Roland 49 05-21-2021 03:43 PM

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Now I show you a plastic comb from Havana, it is part of the Cuban baseball memorabilia.

Roland 49 05-22-2021 03:33 PM

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Now I show you part of a bronze bracelet from the Almendares team, I also have from Habana and several different models.

Roland 49 05-23-2021 08:22 PM

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I show you a weekly program of the 1946-47 Season, Ahead and behind.

Roland 49 05-25-2021 09:32 PM

Habana y Almendares llaveros
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Now I show you two bat keychains from Habana and Almendares.

Exhibitman 05-26-2021 06:30 AM

Any examples of large photograph premiums from Billiken, like this one:

Roland 49 05-26-2021 04:37 PM

Wonderful photo of Dempsey from the Billiken collection, this tobacco factory also from the 1923-24 series of cards, printed them in 8x10 photos, which are super rare, in 1928 in the series of 25 Cincinnati cards I have the complete team in 8x10 inches, with the propaganda "Billiken y La Moda" also very rare.

richardcards 05-26-2021 05:43 PM

I have Billiken movie cards

Can u show us the your Billiken cards

Thanks Richard

Exhibitman 05-27-2021 05:55 AM

In decades of collecting Cuban boxing that is the only Billiken I’ve ever seen.

Roland 49 05-28-2021 09:50 AM

1931 Cardinals
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I agree with you the boxing Billiken are very rare, I do not have any, I tell you again that you have something special. Now you will see something that I bought in the 90s at Mike Gonzalez's house, a large print from when he played in St. Louis in 1931 signed by everyone, but without his signature.

Roland 49 05-29-2021 05:16 PM

Mike and son, Candida Quintana actriz TV radio teatro cine
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Jason, something more about Mike González, he had a son, they have told me that his wife and son left Cuba perhaps in the early 60s, he had another wife who took care of him until he died, she stayed in The house with a sister and her nephew, the widow died several years ago, I met the nephew in the 90s and visited the house on several occasions and he also visited me,

Roland 49 05-30-2021 02:26 PM

Mel Ott
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Yesterday I was checking one of my emails and I see that since the beginning of April none came in, and it seemed strange to me, my son touched something and suddenly many, some from April, from friends, family and members of net54 began to enter, I I've seen some, and I'll answer them little by little, now I'm answering something you want to see from the American Series at La Tropical Stadium, I start with part of a photo of Mel Ott.

Roland 49 05-31-2021 05:37 PM

Jimmy Foxx
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Something else from the American series and Hall of Fame players who played in Cuba, at Stadium La Tropical, will see Jimmy Foxx.

Roland 49 06-02-2021 01:04 PM

Mario Arencibia
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Now little by little I will answer questions I have, as for Mario Arencibia he does not appear in the collection 'Feliices 45- 46, but if he appears in O. Diaz, Fosforos Acebo "" El Indio, Almanaque Deportivo "etc. the rarest card of O. Diaz and the matchmaker is not so rare.

Roland 49 06-03-2021 03:59 PM

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There are very rare pins in the Cuban Memorabilia, now I show one of the rarest, does anyone who sees this thread know what professional baseball team he belongs to and year?

Frankish 06-03-2021 04:23 PM

Sancti Spiritus? I have no idea what year, if that is correct.

Roland 49 06-04-2021 01:01 PM

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Now I show you another of the rarest pins of professional baseball, of the Cuba team, I ask you what championship and year does this pin belong to?

Roland 49 06-05-2021 12:24 PM

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From what i see no They have answered the question I asked them about the pin with the S. and the rooster, that pin belongs to the "Santiago" team of the La Federacion tournament that took place at the "La Tropical Stadium" in the 1947-48 season simultaneously with that of the Cuban League in "Estadium del Cerro" the manager was Lazaro Salazar and Raymond Brown, Leon Day and others played in that team, I sent you a photo of the manager L. Salazar and see "Santiago and El gallo en la manga de la shirt"

Roland 49 06-06-2021 04:39 PM

Cuba 1947-48
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Now I will give you the answer about the pin of the Cuba team, which belongs to the Federation Camp in the La Tropical grounds in 1947-48, its manager was Napoleon Reyes, Ray Dandridge played in that team, and Raymond Brown who played in the Santiago team when this team retired from the championship, Brown acted as pitcher in Cuba, I show you a photo of M. Reyes as manager.

Roland 49 06-07-2021 04:41 PM

Willie Foster Cuba 1927-28
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Yesterday I showed N. Reyes' print from the Cuba 1947-48 team, they asked me to show Willie Foster from the Cuba 1927-28 team, you will see him in a photo fragment of the complete team.

Roland 49 06-08-2021 08:28 PM

Oscar Charleston Cuba 1927-28
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Now I show you a fragment of a photo of the Cuba team from the 1827-28 championship where Oscar Charleston is seen next to manager Armando Marsans

Roland 49 06-10-2021 04:11 PM

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From the collection of Cigars "Trinidad y Hno" I show you some photos above the album, all of them measure 8 x 10 inches.

Roland 49 06-11-2021 05:26 PM

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They asked me to see covers of the magazine "Bohemia" with baseball themes

Exhibitman 06-12-2021 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by Roland 49 (Post 2112734)
They asked me to see covers of the magazine "Bohemia" with baseball themes

I like her costume
it really fits.
I like her shoulders
I like her...eyes

Roland 49 06-12-2021 03:19 PM

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From the collection of National Cigars, I show you 2 cards of Jose Mendez, you will see in one of them an error in the cutting of the blade and you will notice the displacement on all the edges.

Roland 49 06-13-2021 11:19 AM

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Now I show you more covers of the Bohemian Magazine.

Frankish 06-13-2021 11:51 AM

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Roland, those Jose Mendez cards are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

This is probably a long shot, but do you happen to recognize the set this card comes from? I read that it was an early 1950s set from Mexico but am not sure if that is true. The set included several Cuban players and/or managers, including Dihigo.

Roland 49 06-13-2021 03:14 PM

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Franco, now I photographed two Méndez cards, although they have the same portrait, one belongs to the second Artistic Series of "Aguilitas 1923-34 and the other to Cigarros Nacionales 1924-25" the card that you show me from Mexico I don't know which series It belongs, but in that country many series were made where Cuban players appear. When you see the photo you let me know so you can see other interesting cards.

Roland 49 06-15-2021 11:03 AM

Q. Trouppe
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Now I am sending you from the Newton Estape 1949 collection the # 59 of Quincy Trouppe, it appears in Volume 2 of my Cuban printed catalogs, I have several things that I will send you later, when you see the photo you will let us know, this collection is of 111 photos measure 8 x 10 inches.

Roland 49 06-15-2021 06:13 PM

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Jake, now I show you the collection "Alert" to Q. Trouppe, maybe you have it, let me know when you see it,

Roland 49 06-16-2021 04:49 PM

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Jake, I found these Trouppe cards, from the O. Diaz collection (very rare) and the one from "ACEBO MATCHES" now I'm going to look for a photo and signed balls, when you see this, let me know.

Roland 49 06-17-2021 03:47 PM

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They asked me to see cards of film artists, they will see Chaplin and Lon Chaney with the "Aguilitas" cigars

Roland 49 06-18-2021 04:52 PM

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Exhibitor, as you say you collect boxing cards, now I show you some of the "Aguilitas" collection. I think you have them since you have shown cards

Roland 49 06-19-2021 10:19 AM

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Marianao team and the Trouppe center, edit this photo. Adolfo Luque manager.

Roland 49 06-21-2021 10:56 AM

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Now I show you from the 2nd series of "Aguilitas" part of a page from my collection that I photograph, Marsan, Torriente, Méndez and others appear.

Roland 49 06-23-2021 05:06 PM

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Now there is a group of loose cards.

Jason19th 06-23-2021 05:28 PM

I just want everyone to note that the post above has at least 150k of cards in it

Roland 49 06-24-2021 04:11 PM

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Now you will see some of the cards that I showed loose yesterday, but now an edited sheet of my album of the 2nd series.

Roland 49 06-25-2021 04:41 PM

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Now another group of the 2nd series will see part of a leaf.

Roland 49 06-26-2021 03:04 PM

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"Junco 1936 Cigars" is one of the rarest Cuban baseball series, this collection appears in my specialized catalog.

Roland 49 06-27-2021 03:52 PM

Tomas Gutiérrez 1923-24
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Today I will show you some of the "Tomas Gutiérrez" cards this collection is of great rarity and great players appear, some from the hall of fame, but there are several irregularities in the numbering, in my catalog I give a broad explanation of the errors, for example the case of the card that should have the number 59 and they put 58 A on it, some players who made them two cards with different names etc. Now I show you a scan of a group of cards from the Santa Clara team.

Exhibitman 06-27-2021 04:35 PM

I do know of the Aguilitas; Siki (a Hall Of Famer) is my type card. What I've been trying to get more information about for years are these:

Examples from these sets have come up for sale once, and that's it. The Turquinos were a Dempsey and a Tunney. The Baguers were several cards that came from a seller in Switzerland. The Caruncho card I saw once and then never again. To give some idea of scale on the Baguer cards:

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