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Lordstan 09-18-2020 09:43 AM

Need a little help
Someone else posted this auto and so far no one has been able to figure it out. Is partnofnanlarge collection of authors, politicians, etc.
Any help would be appreciated. The curiosity is killing me.

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bjerome 09-19-2020 11:45 AM

First name seems to be Carroll if I am reading it correctly.

mr2686 09-19-2020 12:20 PM

I was thinking the first name was Carson...but can't get the rest.

Lordstan 09-19-2020 12:27 PM

To me, it kind of looks like Carron, but nothing shows up when i searched for that either.

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r2678 09-19-2020 09:49 PM

I wonder if the second r is an e. Also, I believe the last name starts with an I.

canjond 09-19-2020 10:37 PM

Itís uncanny how much it looks like a slightly rushed Connie Mack signature!

mrmopar 09-20-2020 07:17 PM

Not that a potentially 100 year old company name may have helped with the ID now days, but too bad a little more of the letter it was attached to was not present/readable. I thought Carron as well.

HexsHeroes 09-20-2020 10:10 PM


I was thinking middle initial J. which then leads into last name beginning with letter M.

cnote08 10-01-2020 12:20 PM

I have spent far too much time on this but I cannot help it. Iíve gone as far as searching for last names with a W (itís possible the last name starts with a W like the one in Waite Hoyt when looking at his signature). Iím drawing a blank. This came in a group of authors, politicians,etc. Any idea what other professions would be included in ďetcí?

ocjack 10-01-2020 04:07 PM

I'm certain you've done this, but anything on the back of the photo?

Lordstan 10-01-2020 04:27 PM

The item is not mine. It was posted in a Facebook autograph group and i was puzzled. I figured someone must know who this guy is. I have no other info unfortunately.

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RTK 10-01-2020 05:13 PM

A hint might be the in the message, "Land and Lot Company" I found a stock certificate photo online for the Canby Land and Lot Company. Maybe he's an officer of the company.

timzcardz 10-01-2020 06:20 PM

Submitted for your consideration . . .

Carroll Wright

Fits the politician category.

First name signature has similarities. Last name not as much.

Image here seems similar although at a different age. Ears the same, maybe?

Michael B 10-01-2020 09:17 PM

2 Attachment(s)
The photo looks a bit like him, but the signature not so much. Plus he was a state and government official, college professor and president. No mention of business interests in his bio. The letter is on ebay.

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