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Roland 49 03-19-2021 09:16 PM

Hello Jason, now I see that you sent me some writings about the book, I only read the beginning because it is quite extensive but I see that it has to do with González Herrevaria, therefore it is surely very interesting and I will leave it for tomorrow, González was in Havana Before editing The Pride of Havana, on that occasion we could not see each other, but years later a friend of mine from the early 60s, Miguel A. Sanchez, at the time we played chess, on one of his visits to Cuba came to my house To request data for one of his next books, we remember that time when we both worked on the technical part of the World Chess Olympiad in Havana in 1966, as Inspector and I as Prosecutor, of the times I had some quick conversations with the United States champion, Robert "Bobby" Fischer, on some occasions my friends would give me anything for Fischer to sign, and talking about that with my friend he sees Echevarria's book, and he tells me that they are friends, and I had contact for him To through email, with González Hechevarria a few years ago he wrote to me and told me about an upcoming trip to Cuba and that when he got there, where he was going to go first was to my house, but he couldn't come to Cuba at that time.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 10:44 AM

Heberto Blanco
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This photo was of a deserved tribute to Heberto Blanco in 1998, from left to right Asdrubal Baro, Daniel Parra, Heberto Blanco, Rolando Sanchez, and Luis Zayas, all of them good friends of mine, the first three appear in the Cuban card collections, I I stay next to Heberto because he wanted it to be like that

Butch7999 03-20-2021 02:17 PM

¡Hola de nuevo, Rolando! Yes, uploading images can be a little tricky. You seem to have figured out how to do it,
though, in post #52 above.

The "attachment" procedure we were referring to involves clicking on "Post Reply" in the little blue button
(we assume you have been doing that each time you post a message), so that this is what you see, no?

The red arrow points to the "paper clip" symbol, which is probably too tiny to be seen clearly on a mobile phone.
If you can click on the "clip," though, it will produce a "pop-up" that looks like this:

Click on the grey button that says "Choose File," then find on your phone or computer the pictures you want to post,
and double-click on one of them, then click the other grey button that says "Upload." You will have to do that for each picture,
one at a time.

The big problem with pictures "attached" that way to a post is that they are reduced to a small size. So use whatever method
you used to post that previous photo, it seems to have worked just fine! Or, again, you could e-mail the game pictures to us
and we'll post them here for you.
¡Gracias una vez más!

Roland 49 03-20-2021 05:19 PM

Now I send you an image of the baseball game, if you see them you let me know, the photo I sent of Heberto Blanco, it came out by chance I send the messages in another way now I am going to try as you say.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 05:25 PM

Now I send you an image of the baseball game, if you see them you let me know, the photo I sent of Heberto Blanco, it came out by chance I send the messages in another way now I am going to try as you say.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 05:53 PM

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This is a photo of one of the times when Monte Irvin was at my house in 2004,

Fred 03-20-2021 06:48 PM


This has got to be an N54 record - one member (with more than 100 posts), has over 40% of the posts in a single thread! :p

It's great to see people with expertise in a niche like Cuban cards so willing to help other collectors.

Please keep posting!

Roland 49 03-20-2021 08:42 PM

Hello Fred, thank you for encouraging us to continue publishing, my intention is to help Cuban card collectors in whatever way I can, there are several decades of research in memorabilia, and I have learned something and I would like to continue learning every day, I think some Think the same of you, that you want to know something more, to all those who ask me I try to give an answer as complete as possible, sometimes they ask me by email and tell me to publish the answers through the 2 threads, and I consider it correct. that others might be interested in the topic. I do not know if as you say it is a record since I do not keep that account or that is my intention, I want to help you all in your doubts. Greetings Fred.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 10:09 PM

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Now you have the image of Baseball, there are all the components but the cube with the dice did not appear in the photo, look at the printed names of the players on the cards: Miñoso, Amoros, C. Pascual, Miranda, All the cards have names , I changed the size to see if they come out, you tell me I said you see to send you more

Roland 49 03-20-2021 10:49 PM

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Now there is another group of photos of Baseball,

Butch7999 03-21-2021 05:22 PM

¡Hola, Roland! ¡Maravilloso! ¡Magnífica! These are just the sort of images we were hoping to see.
¡Muchas gracias!

Your message above suggests you also tried to e-mail photos to us -- unfortunately, there is nothing in our mailbox
from you. If you want to try e-mailing us again, please do so -- but the kind of photos you've posted here
are quite satisfactory. ¡Más, por favor!

If you can provide more specific information on Beisbolito -- and on the other games, which we hope to see --
that would be hugely appreciated. Name of the manufacturer or publisher, and the year the game was made?

We look forward to more photos of more games! ¡Gracias una vez más!

Roland 49 03-21-2021 06:18 PM

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Hello, you tell me that you dress the photos well, now you have 2 photos of 3 different covers of 'Beisbolito' and 2 different boards, I inform you that this game had several editions for example: the sixth edition is from 1957, write when you receive them , and I am preparing others.

Roland 49 03-22-2021 04:45 PM

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Hello Jason, due to the publication of Babe Ruth's book from 1920, I will give you some information, in which interviews appear, Babe talks about his childhood when he was orphaned at 7 years old, when he was interned in an asylum, he describes many things, too Opinions about Babe appear, by Ty Cobb and many of the celebrities of that time until 1920, it is a very interesting book and at the same time a rarity, in the many years that I have been a collector I have only seen 2 copies, now I send you photos If you want, I'll send you more photos and I'll keep telling you. Are you interested? Regards.

Roland 49 03-22-2021 05:13 PM

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Jason, there are also articles in magazines and newspapers in the USA that mention Ruth's visit to the island, and the great organizer of this visit Abel Linares, for his part Babe replies in a letter that he is eager to get to Cuba and comments on it. enthusiasm of the Cubans, the book also shows photos, there is a photo that is the Ruthermometer, a thermometer, it is a very interesting book, now you have a photo of the book Los 9 Ceros en Cuba y El Monarca, if you want I'll continue.

Roland 49 03-22-2021 06:11 PM

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Jason now gives you a photo of something that I think you have not seen, the letter that Babe sends to Abel Linares accepting his visit. Greetings.

Butch7999 03-22-2021 11:35 PM

¡Hola, Roland! Sorry to report, no e-mails -- repeat, no e-mails -- have been received from you.
You can try e-mailing photos to us again, or you can send us a PM (private message) through Net54,
or you can just continue posting game pictures here in the Net54 forum (although we're sure
the other guys participating in this thread are sick of the boardgame part of this discussion!).
The bigger the photos the better, although anything you post is appreciated!

Roland 49 03-23-2021 12:35 PM

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Now I send you photos of the game "Baseball with Cards" and its components, I will always write you here, when you receive this you let me know to send you more, greetings.

Butch7999 03-23-2021 03:17 PM

Hola, Roland -- great! ¡Gracias! Keep 'em coming.
Do you know the year(s) Beisbolito and BaseBall Con Cartas were made?

Roland 49 03-23-2021 04:46 PM

In a previous message I told you that "Baseball" had several editions, for example the 6th edition was in 1957, that is, The 1st edition appeared maybe 4 or 5 years before, if I find more information I will inform you, later I will look for some more, a few years ago looking for other things I found in a closet 3 boxes with games from the 50s all new and complete, They had never been used, a box did not attract our attention because it had an electrical cable, when I connect it I see that it lights a light bulb that it had inside and on top it had a snowy glass and a few leaves with land and plays drawn to put on top of the glass, something curious. Greetings.

Roland 49 03-23-2021 09:38 PM

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Hello, in the photo we see 2 Lloyd cards, from the 2nd series of "Aguilitas" the one on the right has a printing error, many years ago it was mine and I put it in one of my albums above the card next to the Lloyd who is stuck, that is, above Oscar Charleston with the idea of ​​comparing the good one with the one that has a printing error, perhaps one of this thread currently has it. Yes or no?

Roland 49 03-24-2021 04:19 PM

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Hello, now I send you images of different boxes of Parcheesi games and different cubes, the dice and the board also change the chips, now I ask you these images that I have sent you on several occasions, what do you do with them, do you use them on the page of games? Greetings.

Roland 49 03-24-2021 07:08 PM

Ty Cobb 1910 Habana
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Hello, they asked me if they wanted to see the photo of Ty Cobb in the "Tabacos Larrañaga" factory in Havana in 1910, I show them a fragment of the photo.

Butch7999 03-25-2021 12:03 AM

¡Gracias, Roland! We maintain a library of more than 10,000 photo references of the roughly 1,500 different games we've catalogued,
games made from the 1860s to today -- games made in the USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, England...
If we get enough photos of enough games made in Cuba, we may eventually get around to doing an article, a "photo essay,"
about those games at our website. But mainly we accumulate game photos just for our own reference -- we're too dim to remember
what every one of those 1,500+ games looks like just from the game's name or title! And often the photos are useful in answering
questions that members or visitors post to our own Forum.

Roland 49 03-25-2021 04:20 PM

Charleston y Lloyd
2 Attachment(s)
Responding, days ago when I showed the 2 Lloyd cards, I did it to show a printing error, but at no time did I express that I had pasted it on the Charleston card, I put it above for a photo, you understood something else, now you There are photos of the album as they are pasted and the one from the other day.

Roland 49 03-25-2021 05:02 PM

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Now I show you some loose cards I see the 2 different Lloyd's Charleston and I send you the hit in the album again, the 2 Charleston note that the release is less centered than the album.

Roland 49 03-26-2021 10:22 AM

El Sport 1885 #1
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Jason, show me two very interesting issues, they are very rare, in the 80s a large number of weeklies were published, the most interesting and most important was according to Wenceslao Galvez in his 1889 book, the weekly El Sport, now I am sending you a Year 1 photo # 1, dated October 6, 1885.

Roland 49 03-26-2021 08:42 PM

Play Ball
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Now I read what you explain to me about the games page, it is interesting, I will continue to send you some photos of games, but look when you publish the photos you must put my name: Rolando Sánchez and also say that it is courtesy of me, Since the photos that appear in my catalogs are registered in the author's registry and the total or partial reproduction of them is prohibited, and perhaps some image that this one could send you in any of them, okay? But don't worry, for my part I agree that you do a good job of the games in Cuba. I send you photos of the game that you sent me a photo of the second edition of the year 1947, but the first was in 1946, when you receive this message you answer me Greetings.

Butch7999 03-26-2021 10:43 PM

¡Excelente, Roland! And yes, if we display on our website or Forum any of the photos you've posted, we will
of course give you credit and thanks. Most of the photos we use are either our own or "public domain," but for
photos (or information) provided to us by museums or through the special contributions of other collectors,
we do always make an effort to credit the source.

By the way, regarding ¡Play Ball! creator Zerpa -- we're unfamiliar with the name. Was he "just" a game designer,
or did he have some other merit -- player, coach, team executive? -- in Cuban baseball?

Roland 49 03-27-2021 11:39 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Buth, Zerpa, according to the reports, is the creator of the game and specifies that he is "Public Accountant" after that information, the registry numbers etc. Now you have the photos of the open game box folders and you can see both, the one from 1946 and 1947. When you see them, you will respond to me.

Roland 49 03-27-2021 12:26 PM

Monte Irvin
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Now you will see Monte Irvin in my house, in one of his visits in 2004, seeing some of his postcards and the album of the collection "El Indio" he did not know them.

aljurgela 03-27-2021 02:04 PM

El Indio
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Here is one of my El Indio cards.

Roland 49 03-27-2021 03:46 PM

Hi Al, I see that you have a good Irvin card, none has appeared for a long time, what you are looking for take note, if something appears I will inform you. Al, I'm not V ..... C .... but we've known each other for more than 30 years, but V ..... is not the name you say. Greetings.

Roland 49 03-29-2021 07:55 AM

Ernesto Morillaa
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Hello, now I show you a photo of the player Ernesto Morillas in my house, with a color photo signed by all the Cienfuegos players in 1949, in which Morillas appears as a member of the team, he also played in Havana, the International League from Florida, etc, he was a great friend of mine, and on several occasions he visited me and we talked about the time when he was a player, for my part I always asked him questions and told me baseball anecdotes in those years, several years ago Morillas he died in Havana.

Roland 49 03-30-2021 11:13 AM

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Now I answer questions that they asked me in my email and they want me to answer them through this thread. Yes, the pictcher "Ernesto Morillas" has several cards in the Cuban collections, they all appear in my catalog, Montiel 46-47, Los Campeones HC 1948, Victoria Collections, O. Diaz 1949, "Acebo", some of great rarity, now you will see the rarest, Ort. Diaz, and H.C. 1948, do any of those who see this thread have them? Very rare.

Jeffrompa 03-30-2021 01:37 PM

Amazing! BuenoTrabaho !
I’d would love to see a specialized book on Cuban Tobacco Stamps .

Roland 49 03-30-2021 05:13 PM

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Hello Jeff, in your message you tell me about the book of tobacco rings, that is the theme of the "Vitolfilia", which covers everything related to the wrappers of the cigars and their boxes, that is a topic that I know well, at the end From the 1980s and early 90s, my research appeared in the specialized magazine in Spain, it covers many topics, now I need you to give me a detailed explanation of what you are interested in knowing, I now send you several images, of cigarette marquullas 1865 and 1866 with the August almanac of that year, and a baseball theme ring with the face of Cuban pitcher Pedro Ramos, when you read this message you let me know. Greetings.

Jeffrompa 03-30-2021 07:10 PM

Roland ..thanks
That is really quite remarkable . Yes I would love to know more about the box and cigar labels . I know my Father would be quite impressed by your research . He loved this stuff .

aljurgela 03-30-2021 07:17 PM

Here are a few more nice ones...
2 Attachment(s)
some Punch

Jason19th 03-30-2021 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by aljurgela (Post 2087620)
some Punch

That Padron is amazing. He is one of my favorite players. I find it fascinating how different he can look in different photos. This sounds bad but I don’t know how else to say it. When he has a mustache he looks like a white guy and when he doesn’t he looks like a black guy. Little wonder that he always wore the facial hair when he was playing the the white minors in the US

Roland 49 03-31-2021 10:44 AM

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Now there are the 3 most common 'Ernesto Morillas' cards, then I answer other messages in the thread !!! Mendez, Padron !!

aljurgela 03-31-2021 12:41 PM

some other fun ones
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Charlston and Moran

Roland 49 03-31-2021 02:18 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Al, I congratulate you for the wonderful cards you have shown and for their almost perfect state of conservation, it is rare to see them like this !!! Mendez, Padron Charleston and Chino Moran !!! Now I send some photos of complete but fractioned teams with Mulo Padron, in 1913 and 1914, and the first registration mark of "Punch" around 1850, that sheet was from an exhibition in which I participated about that Factory more than 10 years. Greetings.

aljurgela 03-31-2021 03:16 PM

Very interesting....

Originally Posted by Roland 49 (Post 2087978)
Al, I congratulate you for the wonderful cards you have shown and for their almost perfect state of conservation, it is rare to see them like this !!! Mendez, Padron Charleston and Chino Moran !!! Now I send some photos of complete but fractioned teams with Mulo Padron, in 1913 and 1914, and the first registration mark of "Punch" around 1850, that sheet was from an exhibition in which I participated about that Factory more than 10 years. Greetings.

Thanks for posting. Al

Roland 49 04-01-2021 10:57 AM

Fermin Guerra
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Hello, now I will show you a printing error in Fermin Guerra's card from the "Fosforos Aceb" collection. Notice that you can see part of Don Thompson's card, it is a rarity.

Butch7999 04-01-2021 01:03 PM

¡Hola, Roland! We're back -- pardon our absence from this thread the past several days
(more health problems for a couple of us). Thank you again for the photos and information
that you most recently provided!

We're not completely sure what you're showing us in post #79, though -- the game booklet seen lower in the picture
appears to be the 1947 edition, so are we correct to think the game booklet seen in the upper half of the picture
is the 1946 edition? The black-&-white ballfield in the upper game looks like a schematic sketch for a prototype,
not a finished image as seen in the 1947 edition.

Please continue posting more information and photos of Cuban games! You are a wonderful resource!

Roland 49 04-01-2021 05:37 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Butch7999, you are right now I see that the image I sent you is distorted, and I photographed it again, from the original from 1946, I took the photo with my Samsumg mobile phone, which is very old from 2013, but it solves and so I I communicate with everyone in this thread, now the picture of the game box is going to you, I have more for you, as soon as you receive this message you let me know. Greetings.

Butch7999 04-01-2021 11:01 PM

¡Muchas gracias, Roland! Yes, now we can better see the 1946 edition.
The bigger photos are always better!
Are there more games you can show to us?

Roland 49 04-02-2021 12:03 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Now I show 2 photos of Monte Irvin in another of his visits to my house in 2004, in one he is seen signing a Magazine "Photos" that his photo appears on the cover, in the other with Belinda Manning, the daughter of Max Manning, watching photos of his father when he played in Cuba.

Roland 49 04-02-2021 04:56 PM

Cabañas 1909
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Now I show you from the collection "Cigars Cabañas 1909" the original box where the cards came, made in "Pan de Oro" and were printed on lithographic stone, which was used at that time, and 3 cards, one for each team.

Roland 49 04-02-2021 09:45 PM

Beisbol con Cartas
1 Attachment(s)
Butch, you will see the photo of the game "Baseball with Cards" this game is made up of 104 cards, 52 for the Picher and 52 for the batter, in the photo you will see boxes of different colors since the buyer chose the color according to his team, they go the instructions and the game table, when you receive the message you let me know. Greetings.

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