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Fjd133 04-08-2021 03:52 PM

Card Insurance
I was wondering what others do about insuring their collections. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks for the advice on this topic and others I have read on the forums.

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todeen 04-08-2021 04:53 PM

There are quite a few threads on Net54 answering this question. If you do a Google search: NET54 INSURANCE you will find a number of threads. You could also look on the main page to a few days ago, I know a thread just recently was updated with a collector going with American Collectors Insurance (also the one I go with). Then you won't have to wait as long for answers.

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Fjd133 04-08-2021 05:00 PM

Great answer. Found all the info I needed. Thanks for your help.

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Harliduck 04-08-2021 08:21 PM

Vote #2 for Collectors Insurance...I use them...easy and great piece of mind...

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