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Roland 49 02-19-2021 06:48 PM

Specialized Catalog Cuban Cards Answer
Hi, I received several emails asking me about my catalog, here the answer: It was printed on december 2020 only 10 copies. A friend of mine took 3 copies to Spain, sold 2 in ebay. The third one will be soon for sale. You will fing in my book rare card for example; Cabañas 1909 3 diferent cards of Luis Bustamante, Punch 1910, 2 diferent of Chichó González, La Eminencia Cigars 1920, Billiken 1923-24 in format 8"x10", Gener Cigars 1925, José L.Piedra cigars 1940, Ice Crean Hatuey 1946, etc. Best regards.

doug.goodman 02-19-2021 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by Roland 49 (Post 2070807)
Hi, I received several emails asking me about my catalog, here the answer: It was printed on december 2020 only 10 copies. A friend of mine took 3 copies to Spain, sold 2 in ebay. The third one will be soon for sale. You will fing in my book rare card for example; Cabañas 1909 3 diferent cards of Luis Bustamante, Punch 1910, 2 diferent of Chichó González, La Eminencia Cigars 1920, Billiken 1923-24 in format 8"x10", Gener Cigars 1925, José L.Piedra cigars 1940, Ice Crean Hatuey 1946, etc. Best regards.

Why not print more, or have a pdf?


Roland 49 02-21-2021 05:35 PM

Doug Goodman
Now see in ebay cuban baseball. Rolando Sánchez cuban baseball card negro leagues 1909-1957 Specialized Catalog.

doug.goodman 02-21-2021 06:31 PM

Thank you, but I don't want to spend $112 for a catalog of baseball cards (most of which I will never see or own), I would rather spend $112 on baseball cards.

You should make more of them, and sell them for less.


steve B 02-21-2021 09:07 PM

112 isn't crazy for a specialized catalog in many other hobbies.
104.99 on sale from 135.
The digital version is almost 75.

Note, the ones in English were published in 2016 and are still 160.... The US/monolingual tax...

On the other hand, a catalog I paid 100 for years ago went digital, free updates by email. Then was put on google for free.

Any catalog publishing is changing a lot. One of the clubs I'm in has digitized a lot of classic reference books and they're available free online for members. Cheap for only $15 a year, as many of the originals sell for over 100 each.

Now the point about making more then 10 is totally valid. But 10 may be enough to prove interest for either print on demand, or a much larger press run.
Most very specialized catalogs are done in runs of 500, maybe 1000 if the topic is popular, and never actaually make money.

Roland 49 02-22-2021 01:32 PM

Steve Birmingham
Hi Steve, you are right, I plan to make more catalogs, but at the moment there is a delay, there are 3 volumes, the first is this specialized catalog of postcards 1909-1957, the second volume is a catalog of postcards and printed matter 1881-1961, the third catalog is clothing, fabrics, glassware, ceramics etc, the latter is in print and will be ready in a few days, and then I can send others to print. As for the sale price, I am not the seller, he decides the price he wants, the seller took 3 books last December, the first one put a starting price of $ 79.99 on ebay and it sold for $ 307.99, the second He sold it last January in a store format with a starting price of $ 300 and it was also sold, let's wait to see how much it arrives. These catalogs are my 38-year research work on Cuban baseball memorabilia, greetings.

Roland 49 02-23-2021 01:59 PM

Answers to questions that have been asked me in emails and private emails. 1-More than 2,500 postcards are cataloged in the catalog. 2- It is printed on 130g chrome paper. the cover in 250g chromed and laminated cardboard. all in color. 3- All the images on the cards have been in my hands and through many years I have scanned or photographed them. 4-Volume 2 is post card and printed 1881-1961.

Roland 49 02-23-2021 10:58 PM

Answers to questions 1- As you saw in the images shown in the catalog item, in the case of the Cabañas 1909 Cigar cards, in the Detroit team two different cards are shown because they are two different impressions, which appear in the lower bar that identifies the player, these variations appear on the 12 cards, that is to say: there are 24, when I started the collection many years ago in my portfolio there were 24. On the same page there are 3 Luis Bustamante cards as all three have different names in the bottom bar, that's why they scan all three. On the same sheet of the Cabañas Cigars book, the photo that you see taken by me at my work table, with some cards next to it, that is the original sheet designed in the printing press before printing the cards.

Roland 49 02-24-2021 06:19 PM

Diaz 1924? That factory never existed, in 1870s Tomas Gutiérrez registered his trademark and remained with that name until 1960, since its foundation it had several owners, in 1910 it was Manuel López and that same year the owners of the El Rey del Mundo Factory, it was Diaz, y Cia. In my catalog they appear with his real name Tomás Gutiérrez Major League Baseball 1924. I don't know who put these cards Diaz, but he made a serious mistake, since they call them by a false name.

Jason19th 02-24-2021 06:28 PM

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I have posted this item before but no one has ever had any info on it. I believe that it is the first book published in Cuba which included a section on baseball. I know that there were earlier newspapers published which coveted baseball. The base ball section is a translation of an 1870 American book. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Exhibitman 02-24-2021 06:35 PM

If you are going with color it does get expensive. I decided to to my books in black and white because color versions would have been over $100 per copy. It is a balance between wanting to deliver a product that lots of people will be willing to purchase versus one that does everything you want it to do. I opted for mass appeal.

Roland 49 02-25-2021 11:46 AM

Hello Jason 19, I do not know the book you mention from 1870, baseball entered Cuba in 1864 when Nemesio Guillo brought the first bat and ball to Cuba after studying in the United States, it is known from some games one between players from Havana and American sailors who challenged them, that was in 1868, and some games are known 1874, 1878, in this year the first official game of Cuban Baseball is played, I know from newspaper and magazine writings of that time, the first magazine of Baseball in Cuba and Latin America was printed on the island in 1881 and its name was "Base ball" in volume 2 of my catalogs, I show photos from that magazine.

Roland 49 02-25-2021 12:23 PM

Jason 19 answered him a few minutes ago and I told him that he does not know that book, because the image that you sent me does not correspond to the cover of the book, but, it seemed familiar to me, now I looked for the book in my collection and I found it, I have it in almost perfect condition, its original title is: "Los Sport y la Higiene" its author is Blas San Martin, I also have another edition from 1887.

Roland 49 02-25-2021 07:32 PM

Joe, I will tell you that there are many things about Kevin Connor that I will mention in 2 messages, In cards: 1- Catamelos El Indio postcard # 6, 2- Diaz Orthopedics # 13. 3- Aceb # 12 matches

Roland 49 02-25-2021 10:11 PM

Hello, I apologize but when I started the previous message they called me on the phone and I had to leave in my car, I will try to finish now. Kevin Connors appears in several collections, In my specialized catalog: El Indio # 6. Ortopedia Díaz # 13 in this collection that is rare also appears Ray Dandridge's postcard and on the catalog page you can see his photos and numbers. Aceb # 12 although this collection is not numbered, but I have the original photos with which the cards were printed. Kevin in my catalog # 2, on cards and postcard: Trinidad and Hno. Rollos Ansco, Sol de Oro, Newton Estape 8 "× 10", all of the above is Connor in photos where he is alone. In collections in large format but together with the other Almendares players, Publicidad Menendez, there are 2 printed in black and blue, Victory Banquet at the Coca Cola factory in Havana, Diploma of the Photos Magazine, Sport Guia Magazine, Magazine Chronicle, Board of Directors of Almendares, this form was from my father and he took all the players to sign it, the signatures of Connors and Monte Irvin appear, now an anecdote of this photo, in 2004 Monte Irvin was here in My house with Belinda Manning, the daughter of Max Manning, they were on that first visit to my house the same as in the second more than 5 hours, seeing things from when he played in Cuba and I showed him that form signed by him, that's where he looks at me and he says to me: look Rolando, I'm with Connors The Rifleman. Irvin and I had a great friendship and for years we had contact by mail and emails, one day he sent me one telling me that Buck O'Neil wanted to come to my house that if I agreed to prepare the trip, I said yes, but at the unfortunately a short time passed away.

Roland 49 02-25-2021 10:31 PM

The message that my friend Monte Irvin sent me told me that Buck O'Neil wanted to come to my house that if I agreed to prepare the trip and see so many things that Monte told him, I said yes but unfortunately he passed away. Irvin also saw balls signed by him at that time and also signed by Connors. I asked Irvin what your first card was and he told me the Topp, then I said: No! Your first card was Caramelos El Indio, he was amazed because he had never seen it.

Roland 49 02-26-2021 05:12 PM

Spalding Guide in Spanish. Hello, in your email you ask me if it is true that a guide was printed in Spanish in 1908, I am going to expand the answer, now I have in my hands the first Spalding Guide in Spanish 1885, it is something very interesting since A.G. Spalding writes about the advances of baseball in Cuba and authorizes the printing of the guide in Cuba, among other things that he describes in his writing and signs it, in all its pages baseball is described in Cuba at that time. Now I have the 1908 guide, very interesting everything that has to do with statistics and mainly the photos of the players from that era of the black leagues, the teams that visited Cuba in those years, etc. The Spalding guides in Spanish are a great rarity since a small number of copies were printed. A few years ago an American collector who visited me told me that the few pages they have appear on the Library of Congress, the Black Leagues and the Hall of Fame pages.

Roland 49 02-26-2021 10:27 PM

You ask me in your email if I can answer you some questions from Ted William and Mikey Mantle when they were in Havana, but you don't tell me what you want to know, I've been answering questions about Cuban baseball for more than 30 years, for me it's a pleasure to answer Any question they ask me so repeat the email and tell me.

Roland 49 02-27-2021 01:48 PM

Willie Mays at the Cerro Stadium, in your email you ask me if Mays played at the Cerro, that question has a long answer but I am going to give you a summary. There are 3 answers 1- Yes, the juice in the practices in the fields. 2- His records do not exist because he did not line up in any game. 3- Juice with another name? The story is long but I will tell you something, Mays was recommended to the owners of Almendares by Leo Durocher, Mendoza the owner of the team hired him, but when he arrived in Cuba he was already injured they waited for his recovery and he began in practice and at that moment there was A false report from Alejandro Pompez to the Major Leagues saying that he had been injured in Cuba, so they prohibited him from playing in the championship, he continued practicing on the field and was in uniform, he signed many balls, in my collection I had 2, shora comes the part interesting, which is the answer 3, many years ago I was young and I was next to two men and they always told me anecdotes about the ball and that day in a moment to

Roland 49 02-28-2021 01:39 PM

Hello, you ask me which was the first North American team to play in Cuba, to that question I give 2 answers: As appears in a publication of that time, sailors from a merchant ship who were in the port of Matanzas challenged players from Havana for a game and the players from Havana went to Matanzas and played with the North American sailors.This happened in 1868 and I consider it the first international baseball game, now officially in December 1879, a North American team called "Hop Bitter 'and they held matches on the grounds of" El Siboney "or" Tulipan "in Cerro, the meeting was on December 20, 1879.

Roland 49 02-28-2021 06:14 PM

Ted Williams and Miikey Mantle in Havana, I answer your question that I now receive, if I have photos of them, from Ted at Stadium La Tropical at home plate at bat, another very interesting from Ted at the bar of the world famous "Sloppy Joe's "This bar-restaurant owes its name to John Mc Graw, who was the one who called it that way and its owner, a Spaniard, gave it that official name, it is a very interesting story but it would take a long time to answer. Of Mantle now I have in my hands a unique photo: Mantle in the box of the Estadio del Cerro preparing to throw the ball (pitcher).

Roland 49 03-01-2021 05:22 PM

Hello everyone, now I connected to ebay cuban baseball and I see that my catalog was sold last Saturday, I am sure that the winner is one of the participants in this thread, known to me previously or the new ones that I am getting to know, the winner of Now I do not know when you will receive the book since it is a shipment from Spain, at the moment this is the last that you will see, the 3 bought by American collectors, For me it is a satisfaction that the first is in the hands of Steve Peissig, since we have Previous contacts and I know that he is a great connoisseur of Cuban cards, the others do not know who they are, but I am sure that they are also knowledgeable and will have it as a guide of what they know and what they have never seen in terms of Cuban cards.

Kenny Cole 03-01-2021 07:10 PM

Hi Rolando, I won the last catalog. I also sent a message to Clem, so when you have a chance to respond, I would appreciate it. No rush though. Given how long it took me to get back to you, it is absolutely fair for you to take whatever time you need. Best,

Kenny Cole

Roland 49 03-01-2021 10:33 PM

Kenny Cole
Hi Kenny Cole now I connected to the thread and I read your message that you won the catalog I am very happy since we have been in contact for some time, I have not received any recent message through Clem, he is a great person and very helpful, but with a lot He works and constantly receives emails and they accumulate and he delays in answering them, a few days ago he was sick and an email that I sent him told me that he would send them in a few days when he was better in health, he had had to go to the hospital, he answered that already I was better, the last email from you to me, I answered you right away, I don't know if you received it, this was I think more than a week ago, I answered your questions; Yes, I have separated the Mallorquinas cards, Cabañas, the Alejandro Oms postcards from 1919, the 1920 ones, the Cuban Stars, etc., The Mallorquinas from W. Foster and Lloyd, when you asked I no longer had them, when I received your message from Clem I answer you through him, greetings

Roland 49 03-02-2021 06:09 PM

Kenny Cole
Kenny I have a question about your last email, I wrote you yesterday, but there is something I need you to answer me, Mallorquinas and Cabañas ok. postcard 1918 Oms and team ok. J.F. 1921 Cubans Star autographed ok. The question I have is in the 1921 postcard of Champion Mesa and team, the latter yes or no, answer me here, the rest are no problem, I have not received the emails you mentioned, greetings.

Kenny Cole 03-02-2021 06:47 PM

Rolando, I don't appear to have gotten your email from yesterday. But I think no on the Mesa right now. Thank you.

Kenny Cole

Scocs 03-02-2021 08:40 PM

Hello, I would just like to know when the English language baseball card catalogs will be published.

Thank you,

Roland 49 03-03-2021 11:00 AM

Hi Scott, I plan to do my catalogs in Spanish and later in English, but there has been a long delay mainly due to covid 19.

Roland 49 03-03-2021 09:33 PM

Album Tomas Gutiérrez
Hello, my answer is yes, those leaves that you see in Cuban ebay belong to the luxury album of Tomás Gutiérrez, it is unfortunate that they find it mutilated finger by finger so to speak, that tobacco manufacturer gave away the postcards when buying the pack and for To get the album you had to take the entire collection to the factory and they gave you the album, all of them are of such rarity, I don't know how many it printed, but I have had 3 of different years in my hands, all of them have unique characteristics.

Roland 49 03-04-2021 05:53 PM

Babe Ruth on Cubans cards
Babe Ruth on Cuban cards. I answer you that where the image of Babe Ruth first appeared was in 1924 in the printed album of Tomas Gutiérrez, to obtain this album it was necessary to deliver the complete collection of the 136 pitchers in the factory. In my catalog on the Tomas Gutiérrez Major League 1924 collection page appears the album cover and the page corresponding to New York and we see Babe and all the team members in individual photos, In 1930 Ruth also appears in the Chocolate Baguer collection in a card to stick in the album, in Montiel Collections 1946-47 with # 41 appears Babe, to stick in the album.

Roland 49 03-05-2021 02:24 PM

Hello Octavio, in your message that I did not understand well, I think you mentioned to me about the Hall of Fame, in Cuba the Hall was created in 1939, some time after the one in the United States, from 1939 to 1961, 68 members were exalted, but at the end Professional Baseball in Cuba stopped working, in 2014 we met a group of 12 people between journalists and historians and after 3 months preparing the regulations etc. We put it to work again, 10 were exalted, from the professional stage 5 and the National Series 5, the exaltation took place in December 2014 with a historic act before starting the All-Star Game. Orestes Miñoso, Camilo Pascual, Conrado Marrero, A. Maestri, Esteban Bellan who played in the leagues in the United States in the 19th century were exalted, there is much to write about this since I was from the first moment in the group of 12. Greetings

rjackson44 03-05-2021 02:41 PM

Wow thank you roland

Roland 49 03-06-2021 01:51 PM

Hello Octavio, now I see that you read the thread, I will tell you something more about the Hall of Fame of Cuba, in his first election they were 10, the first one that appears on the plaque is Bustamante, Jose Mendez, Cristobal Torriente, also Marsan, Almeida etc. , the first plaque was made of bronze and was placed in the Estadio de la Tropical, when the Great Stadium of Havana was inaugurated it was replaced by a marble plaque, and every year the names of the new members were included in bronze letters, that plaque was restored a few months ago along with another plaque of the players who went to the War of Independence of 1895, this plaque was inaugurated in 1948, on December 29, 2020, in an act to celebrate the date of "Dia del Baseball "were unveiled on one of the walls of the Estádium, and after the restoration they recovered all their splendor, that day 29, the date of the first" Official Game "is commemorated when Habana and Almendares inaugurated the first Cuban championship with a game. in 187 8.

Roland 49 03-07-2021 04:41 PM

Punch 1910
Hello, you tell me to answer you on the thread. "Punch" 1910. You say that you saw the images in my catalog on ebay, now I answer you, In the list of the known cards appear, since perhaps there are more, some of the players who played in the series do not appear in the collection and the answer is: the cards were not made or until now none have appeared, but they could appear in the future. This collection is of great rarity. Another of your questions I answer, I show two Chicho González cards because they are both different, in one of them the letters are printed in block letters and in the other handwritten, in one it says Pitcher and in the other not, this variation appears in several, but I put Chicho because of the anecdote that he threw Ty Cobb in a game 3 times and he always dominated it. In 1910 when Detroit and Philadelphia played the series with Habana and Almendares there are many things to tell, two Cigarette Factories had a relationship with these teams "Punch" and "Larrañaga" I will tell you this and other things in another message.

Roland 49 03-08-2021 06:31 PM

Hello Marcos, you ask me about Napoleon Reyes from "Felice" 1945, now I answer you, in my specialized catalog on the page corresponding to that series I give the whole answer with 4 Napoleon cards scanned in all their variants, but I will tell you that this card is very rare, when the series came out the news was given that there was a card that would be the prize that the factory would give to all who presented it, for a long time many collectors completed 99 cards and all of them lacked # 73, then they began to appear with some characteristics: 1- the normal card that is to say with the face of Reyes. 2- The card with a stamp that said "Exclusively to collect" 3-The card with a stamp that said "Exclusively to collect" and underneath another stamp that said "No premium" 4- The premium card that was the most important and rare, the card had a quadrangular stamp that reads: "Candy Packing Company, address and telephone number and the manager's signature." There were very few of the premium, but also in any of the variants that I mentioned.

Roland 49 03-09-2021 06:25 PM

Punch 1910 (2)
Hello now I'm still with him Comment of the factories "Punch and Larrañaga" as we all know the first gift with cards of the players inside their cigarette packs, the cigarette manager Larrañaga in a meeting with the visiting players announced that if they beat Habana in the series and Almendares, they had an invitation to the factory and I would give them gifts, the Tigres won the series against the Cubans, but the Athletics lost, at the end of the series all the Detroit players went to the Larrañaga Factory, now I have a photo in front of me Of all of them dressed very elegantly with some of the gifts that were large bundles of the best cigars, Ty Cobb is seen smiling in front of them. Of that American series I know many anectdotes, but I will tell you some: Ty Cobb in that series could never steal any base, but in a game 3 times he tried but Bruce Petway took him out on two occasions and the third was Gervasio González, Cobb is Once he protested saying that the base was at a greater distance, then the judges sent to measure and it was found that he was 3 "further away, he immediately put himself in his place, but the out decision remained, Cobb in his first game hitting home. Rum, Mendez struck him out once, Chicho González removed him 3 times in a row without Cobb getting on base and in that game Chicho blanked Detroit. Pop Lloyd, in the series against Detroit he used shinguards on his legs, he said he saw the players sharpening the spikes and throwing themselves hard In another message I will continue and tell you how the first cards from this factory appeared and how they were collected according to how they appeared in 1983, which was when the first ones were seen.

Roland 49 03-10-2021 05:03 PM

Punch 1910 (3)
Hello, I continue the above, as a collector of various things except baseball in 1983 I was appointed a member of the Havana Philately Club, there we met on Saturdays and Sundays, and among the collectors we made exchanges, one day one of the partners appeared with 5 White sheets but with damp spots on the bottom, 4 of the sheets had postage stamps, but the one who glued those stamps stuck them in the shape of a "T" on all the sheets, above in ink on 2 of the sheets they wrote Cuba and in the other 2 Spain because they were stamps from those countries, in the other above it said "Punch" because they were images of players, the stamps were emissions from 1908-1911 but they were very common stamps and nobody was interested, he asked for each sheet $ 5, when they were in my hands I saw something new for me which were the baseball cards, on that sheet stuck in the shape of a "T" there were about 20, I returned the sheets and when about 2 hours passed and saw that no one got them I bought the rebates at $ 1 per cad A leaf, but neither me nor anyone, then before leaving he looked at us all annoyed and tore all the leaves and put them in the trash can, nobody collected baseball cards, but weeks later I realized the mistake I made. Years later, as a collector, some cards began to appear, but those from 1910 were very rare, in that year there were no baseball collectors and when those cards were in the packs, smokers who were not interested in baseball at that time threw them on the floor, To the one who was interested, I pasted them like the story I did before, on one occasion years ago they brought me 11 cards, the collector pasted them on the album, but one next to the other without leaving space between them despite the fact that the album had the didujo of the separate paintings, a few years ago a friend called me to go to his house to see some "Punch" cards, the collector in 1910 pasted them on a newspaper sheet from that year and folded the page, it is a miracle that when that folded sheet would not vote for it, and among the postcards on that sheet was Ty Cobb.

Roland 49 03-11-2021 04:36 PM

Punch 1910 (4)
Hello, the cards that were on the newspaper page when they were taken off I took them to my house to scan them, then I returned them to my friend but he did not sell them to me, some time later I saw them on ebay, Ty Cobb's card was sold well. These were the last I saw, after that none have appeared. I think that in 1910 around 20% of the smokers kept them, some pasted them in the album, others pasted them as described above, while those who saved it were alive, maybe 15% kept them in an envelope or inside a book. , from 1910 to 1983 when I saw the first ones, that is, 73 years, those cards were in the hands of children, grandchildren or their children, in all these years almost all of them surely disappeared, for no interest of the heirs, perhaps 1% of these cards remain, in that% are those that have appeared and some that I hope could appear. So far this is my answer to what you asked me about the "Punch", in the next one is my answer to your questions about the "Cabaña" which by the way these were the first ones I bought and had.

Roland 49 03-12-2021 06:47 PM

Cabañas 1909 (1)
Hello, I answer you through the thread because it is your wish, the questions of the 1909 "Cabañas Cigars" cards, Los Tigres after winning the American League and losing the world series came to Cuba to hold several meetings with Habana and Almendares, and The cards were printed for them, as shown in my catalog only the names of the cards that are known appear, I know 8 players from Almendares but perhaps more of them were made, but so far they have not appeared the same happens with the Havana cards , which if it is certain is the 12 of the Detroit team since I show you the original sheet before printing with the faces of the 11 players and the umpire, there are variations for example Luis Bustamante has 3 different cards in terms of the information that It appears in the description at the bottom, the same happens with Heliodoro Hidalgo, and in the 12 of Detroit the lower bar that identifies the player has a different design, that is, there are 24 cards of the T igres because this variation appears in all of them, they are the first known Cuban baseball cards, and of great rarity. The series was won by the Cubans 4-2, and the game on November 18 was something impressive since Bombin Pedroso in 11 innin who acted as a pitcher did not allow the Tigers a hit. Later I will continue because now I have to charge the battery of the mobile.

Roland 49 03-13-2021 01:48 PM

Hello Seth, you say that this is the type of thread that makes net54 special, I try to answer the questions as completely as possible, there is something very important to me which is the history of baseball, all the cards tell a story, in the "Cabañas Cigars and" Punch "is the history of the American series that took place every year in Cuba, each card is part of history. For example, in the 1910 series there are the cards of Ty Cobb and" Pop "Lloyd, two of the greats of all time but there are more, Major League Baseball players and Black League players, who played historical and friendly matches in Cuba, you say you have a Cabañas Cigar postcard, so with that single card you have in your collection part of the history of those parties of 1909, from my point of view all cards have the same historical value, be it a Ty Cobb card or the most unknown of the series, this has nothing to do with the value cad commercial On the card, I thank you for finding my writings in a guiding way.As for the question you ask me about my catalog, I will tell you that due to covid19, there have been delays, so far there are only 10 printed copies, 3 of them are in the United States, and all are in the hands of net54 members, I think when the situation will normalize and the 3 volumes are printed with some copies in Spanish, start printing in English with more copies, now I have I have to go out in my car, when I return I will continue with what I left unfinished yesterday from the 1909 cards, I will tell you interesting things.

Roland 49 03-13-2021 05:46 PM

Cabañas 1909 (2)
Now continue, Pedroso despite not allowing a hit in the 11 innings, allowed a run by mistake in shooting by Cabañas to first and O'Loughlin the umpire despite the protests of the public declared the run valid, and the match was tied, In the 11 innings, Cabañas at bat retaliated for his mistake in the outside and with a man in third he touched the ball (squeese play) and the game was over, the supporters of Almendares organized a money collection for Bombin Pedroso and the president of Cuba José Miguel Gómez and his son who was also president years later also contributed, the Detroit players, George Mullin and O'Leary also gave their monetary contribution in recognition of the great game launched by Pedroso, $ 300 was raised and Bombin Pedroso looked very happy. Days after the end of this series, an "All Stars" team arrived in Cuba to hold several meetings with the Cubans. These American Series were held in Cuba every year and in them the greats of Major League Baseball participated, including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams and many more, in those games the best faced the best of Cuba and of the Negro Leagues that played in the Habana and Almendares teams, that is why I believe that all those games are part of the history of baseball in Cuba and also in the United States, the collections of cards from 1909 and 1910 show us this history and each card it is part of it. We will continue with the Cabañas Cigars cards, very interesting anecdotes of how they appeared in the 1980s, now I take a break to continue later.

Roland 49 03-14-2021 07:26 PM

Cabañas 1909 (3)
Now I continue with the "Cabañas Cigars" cards. Now I am going to tell you something that may not interest you but everything is related. My father when I was a child took me every Sunday to the Cerro stadium to watch the double game and see my team that was Almendares, he knew many players and that is why I met many when he introduced them to me, one day I see that an older man touches his shoulder and immediately I see that they greeted each other in a friendly way and talked at the end, my father tells me: Rolo, I introduce you to my friend "El Pajaro Cabrera" we greet each other but I was somewhat confused. my father: why do they call him "bird" he immediately replies "because he was flying between the bases." Now we continue, in the 80s as I told you in previous writings I collected various things, one day a neighbor called me on the phone and told me that he had something to show me, I told him to bring it to my house, when he arrived I see that he brings one Old shoe box, when he opens it I see that it is full of cards, that I did not collect, he tells me there are about 400, I begin to review them and I see that it has many themes and they are from the "Cabañas Cigars" factory. film artists and a collection of patriots from the 1895 War of Independence including Jose Marti and all the generals etc this was all in relief and gold color, when I continue I see a group in blue, red and gray colors, but I see that they are baseball players, I was not interested, and in that reading the names I see that a card said: Alfredo "Pajaro" Cabrera, at that moment I remembered the meeting I had had with him several decades ago, and at that moment I felt a certain interest for those cards, I ask him What was the price and I bought them, those were the first Cuban baseball cards that I had, they were among the 3 teams about 50 but some were repeated, that's why I explained to you at the beginning that this story is related, I asked the neighbor where He had found them and he told me that when he was passing by the corner he saw another of the neighbors who was going to throw that box along with other things in the garbage container on the corner and he asked him why he voted for those boxes and books and he replied, those

Roland 49 03-15-2021 05:31 PM

Cabañas 1909 (4)
We continue what happened yesterday. When my neighbor asks him the reason for what he was voting in the garbage container, he replies that it was his grandfather's things who had died many years ago and his father always wanted to keep it but when his father died days ago, all those books and He was not interested in boxes and took up a lot of space, and he also told him that the day before he released an album with cards and several books. Perhaps if I had not seen Cabrera's card, I would not have been interested either, everything narrated was true, and that has happened many times that is why when I comment on the 1910 postcards, I put examples and% that I think are quite close to reality Since most of those cards were lost for different reasons, the 50 "Cabañas" cards in the shoe box were in perfect condition, perhaps in the more than 70 years that they were in that box, nobody touched them, and those They are in collections of some of you, I have never seen them so perfect again, several years ago that none of that series has passed through my hands, but I trust that at some point one will appear.

Roland 49 03-17-2021 02:56 PM

Hello everyone, I decided to publish what you will read below that although it does not have to do with the cards but perhaps someone in this thread might be interested, it deals with the history of Cuban baseball and in part that of baseball in the United States. Two days ago on Monday, March 15, I received an invitation to an act of placing 2 marble slabs in the Cerro stadium, one of them, a continuation of the one that was placed in 1948 in tribute to the players who participated in the War of Independence against Spanish colonialism in 1895, and this contains some names that in years of research have been discovered and are now in the new tarja, the other is dedicated to the first women who played baseball in Cuba, from the precursor Elena E. In 1881, even the players who belonged to women's baseball teams on the island in 1947, mention that it has to do with baseball in the USA, since in the names that appear there are 6 Cuban women who in Cooperstown are on permanent exhibition than in 1987 it was mounted to honor the AAGPLB women's teams.

Butch7999 03-18-2021 02:52 PM

Hola, Roland, buenos días. Your knowledge of Cuban baseball and Cuban baseball cards, as shown in
these two threads, is enormously impressive. We're wondering if you have any information on Cuban
baseball board games and Cuban baseball card games.

We're aware of several Cuban tabletop baseball game items, but we're not certain of all their correct names,
nor that all of them are even games at all -- Baraja Pelotera Unica, Beisbolito, EME Baseball Con Cartas,
as well as ¡Play Ball! and Parchi Deportivo -- but we have almost no details about any of them, except
that they were manufactured in the 1940s and '50s, and we have only very poor photos of the first three.

Do you have any knowledge about any of those? We'll post what images we have if it's any help. ¡Gracias!

Roland 49 03-18-2021 05:27 PM

Hello Butch, now I see your message, in Cuban card and board games there are several, in my catalog Volume 2, I list the ones I know, I will mention some: "Cafe El Lider game" "Romeo deck game" "Play Ball game "" Game Decks Balls House Vasallo "this last one of Happy Candy, 'Game Beisbolito" in Parchis games there were several I have in my collection 3 different ones, "Martin's Baseball Game," I can show you some image, the problem is that no I know how to do it, my connection with net54 is with my mobile phone, sometimes it is difficult for me since the letters are small, I need you or anyone who sees this thread to guide me, when I send the messages I do not see anything that say attach files etc. i am new to net54, greetings.

Butch7999 03-19-2021 01:50 AM

Hola, Roland, buenas noches y muchas gracias! (Our apologies to everyone else for sidetracking this thread
into a subtopic more appropriate for the Memorabilia section.)

Roland, you've already given us much new information, and we would really appreciate seeing any pictures of
the games you mentioned. There are several ways you can upload photos, but the easiest and fastest might be
adding them to your reply as "attachments" -- when you hit "Post Reply," there is a tiny image of a paper clip,
just to the right of the smiley face. Click the paper clip and it will open a pop-up that will allow you to add images.
If you have trouble with it, let us know and we'll try to explain it better. Or just e-mail the photos to us at and we'll post them for you.

In the meantime, here are some of the very few photos we have -- maybe you can tell us more about these games.
We're interested, basically, in knowing each game's correct title, the manufacturer or publisher, and the year
in which it was made or published. Any information about how the games were played (cards, dice, spinner, &c')
would be a huge bonus. We don't own any of these games, nor have we ever even seen them in person, so our
ignorance may qualify as spectacular...

All we have of Baraja Pelotera Unica is this advertisement, which we would guess is from the 1950s:

This little photo is the only image we have of Beisbolito:

And this tiny photo is all we know about this card set, which was implied to be EME Baseball Con Cartas, but
for all we know may instead be the Baraja Pelotera Unica game:

We do have good photos of every page of ¡Play Ball!, which we know was designed by Anselmo Rodriguez Zerpa
and published in 1947. The only thing we're unsure of is the publisher -- is it Cuadro de Juego, or was it self-published
by Zerpa?

Lastly, we have good photos of a few different editions of Parchi Deportivo, which we know is just Parcheesi
("The Game of India") with the crests of the four Cuban League teams, but we don't know what year it was made,
and we're unsure of the manufacturer of this game too -- is it Continental Fabrica?

Thank you so much for your assistance with this research!

Jason19th 03-19-2021 09:19 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Rolando I will Be very surprised if you have ever seen this one before. 1893 Instructional with great glossary of baseball terms

Roland 49 03-19-2021 04:34 PM

Hello Jason, the image you send me from the 1993 manual, I tell you that I have never seen it, for me it is very important to know the unknown, and I do not know that book, thank you, since today I learned something.

Roland 49 03-19-2021 05:56 PM

Hello, for all the images of the games I have answers since I have all of them and some repeated, a while ago I arrived at my house, today I had a somewhat complicated day, but I am back, a while ago I sent a message to Jason and I did it from the hospital where one of my children is a specialist, now I go with you partly because I have to look in the boxes of the games to see the data you ask me, when I send the previous message what I saw are many faces but no I saw what you tell me about the clip for the photos, explain again. "La Baraja Pelotera" the author is Roger J. Vega I have the registration numbers R.G and R.P. and Patent Pend. USES. one is from 1948 and the other in 1949, what you show is propaganda, the game consists of 104 cards divided into 52 pitchers and 52 batters, it has a long sheet with the field of play, some round buttons to put on the bases etc. I have 3 different in color of the boxes and difference in the cards etc. later I continue.

Roland 49 03-19-2021 10:16 PM

Hello Jason, now I see that you sent me some writings about the book, I only read the beginning because it is quite extensive but I see that it has to do with González Herrevaria, therefore it is surely very interesting and I will leave it for tomorrow, González was in Havana Before editing The Pride of Havana, on that occasion we could not see each other, but years later a friend of mine from the early 60s, Miguel A. Sanchez, at the time we played chess, on one of his visits to Cuba came to my house To request data for one of his next books, we remember that time when we both worked on the technical part of the World Chess Olympiad in Havana in 1966, as Inspector and I as Prosecutor, of the times I had some quick conversations with the United States champion, Robert "Bobby" Fischer, on some occasions my friends would give me anything for Fischer to sign, and talking about that with my friend he sees Echevarria's book, and he tells me that they are friends, and I had contact for him To through email, with González Hechevarria a few years ago he wrote to me and told me about an upcoming trip to Cuba and that when he got there, where he was going to go first was to my house, but he couldn't come to Cuba at that time.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 11:44 AM

Heberto Blanco
1 Attachment(s)
This photo was of a deserved tribute to Heberto Blanco in 1998, from left to right Asdrubal Baro, Daniel Parra, Heberto Blanco, Rolando Sanchez, and Luis Zayas, all of them good friends of mine, the first three appear in the Cuban card collections, I I stay next to Heberto because he wanted it to be like that

Butch7999 03-20-2021 03:17 PM

¡Hola de nuevo, Rolando! Yes, uploading images can be a little tricky. You seem to have figured out how to do it,
though, in post #52 above.

The "attachment" procedure we were referring to involves clicking on "Post Reply" in the little blue button
(we assume you have been doing that each time you post a message), so that this is what you see, no?

The red arrow points to the "paper clip" symbol, which is probably too tiny to be seen clearly on a mobile phone.
If you can click on the "clip," though, it will produce a "pop-up" that looks like this:

Click on the grey button that says "Choose File," then find on your phone or computer the pictures you want to post,
and double-click on one of them, then click the other grey button that says "Upload." You will have to do that for each picture,
one at a time.

The big problem with pictures "attached" that way to a post is that they are reduced to a small size. So use whatever method
you used to post that previous photo, it seems to have worked just fine! Or, again, you could e-mail the game pictures to us
and we'll post them here for you.
¡Gracias una vez más!

Roland 49 03-20-2021 06:19 PM

Now I send you an image of the baseball game, if you see them you let me know, the photo I sent of Heberto Blanco, it came out by chance I send the messages in another way now I am going to try as you say.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 06:25 PM

Now I send you an image of the baseball game, if you see them you let me know, the photo I sent of Heberto Blanco, it came out by chance I send the messages in another way now I am going to try as you say.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 06:53 PM

1 Attachment(s)
This is a photo of one of the times when Monte Irvin was at my house in 2004,

Fred 03-20-2021 07:48 PM


This has got to be an N54 record - one member (with more than 100 posts), has over 40% of the posts in a single thread! :p

It's great to see people with expertise in a niche like Cuban cards so willing to help other collectors.

Please keep posting!

Roland 49 03-20-2021 09:42 PM

Hello Fred, thank you for encouraging us to continue publishing, my intention is to help Cuban card collectors in whatever way I can, there are several decades of research in memorabilia, and I have learned something and I would like to continue learning every day, I think some Think the same of you, that you want to know something more, to all those who ask me I try to give an answer as complete as possible, sometimes they ask me by email and tell me to publish the answers through the 2 threads, and I consider it correct. that others might be interested in the topic. I do not know if as you say it is a record since I do not keep that account or that is my intention, I want to help you all in your doubts. Greetings Fred.

Roland 49 03-20-2021 11:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Now you have the image of Baseball, there are all the components but the cube with the dice did not appear in the photo, look at the printed names of the players on the cards: Miñoso, Amoros, C. Pascual, Miranda, All the cards have names , I changed the size to see if they come out, you tell me I said you see to send you more

Roland 49 03-20-2021 11:49 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Now there is another group of photos of Baseball,

Butch7999 03-21-2021 06:22 PM

¡Hola, Roland! ¡Maravilloso! ¡Magnífica! These are just the sort of images we were hoping to see.
¡Muchas gracias!

Your message above suggests you also tried to e-mail photos to us -- unfortunately, there is nothing in our mailbox
from you. If you want to try e-mailing us again, please do so -- but the kind of photos you've posted here
are quite satisfactory. ¡Más, por favor!

If you can provide more specific information on Beisbolito -- and on the other games, which we hope to see --
that would be hugely appreciated. Name of the manufacturer or publisher, and the year the game was made?

We look forward to more photos of more games! ¡Gracias una vez más!

Roland 49 03-21-2021 07:18 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Hello, you tell me that you dress the photos well, now you have 2 photos of 3 different covers of 'Beisbolito' and 2 different boards, I inform you that this game had several editions for example: the sixth edition is from 1957, write when you receive them , and I am preparing others.

Roland 49 03-22-2021 05:45 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hello Jason, due to the publication of Babe Ruth's book from 1920, I will give you some information, in which interviews appear, Babe talks about his childhood when he was orphaned at 7 years old, when he was interned in an asylum, he describes many things, too Opinions about Babe appear, by Ty Cobb and many of the celebrities of that time until 1920, it is a very interesting book and at the same time a rarity, in the many years that I have been a collector I have only seen 2 copies, now I send you photos If you want, I'll send you more photos and I'll keep telling you. Are you interested? Regards.

Roland 49 03-22-2021 06:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Jason, there are also articles in magazines and newspapers in the USA that mention Ruth's visit to the island, and the great organizer of this visit Abel Linares, for his part Babe replies in a letter that he is eager to get to Cuba and comments on it. enthusiasm of the Cubans, the book also shows photos, there is a photo that is the Ruthermometer, a thermometer, it is a very interesting book, now you have a photo of the book Los 9 Ceros en Cuba y El Monarca, if you want I'll continue.

Roland 49 03-22-2021 07:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Jason now gives you a photo of something that I think you have not seen, the letter that Babe sends to Abel Linares accepting his visit. Greetings.

Butch7999 03-23-2021 12:35 AM

¡Hola, Roland! Sorry to report, no e-mails -- repeat, no e-mails -- have been received from you.
You can try e-mailing photos to us again, or you can send us a PM (private message) through Net54,
or you can just continue posting game pictures here in the Net54 forum (although we're sure
the other guys participating in this thread are sick of the boardgame part of this discussion!).
The bigger the photos the better, although anything you post is appreciated!

Roland 49 03-23-2021 01:35 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Now I send you photos of the game "Baseball with Cards" and its components, I will always write you here, when you receive this you let me know to send you more, greetings.

Butch7999 03-23-2021 04:17 PM

Hola, Roland -- great! ¡Gracias! Keep 'em coming.
Do you know the year(s) Beisbolito and BaseBall Con Cartas were made?

Roland 49 03-23-2021 05:46 PM

In a previous message I told you that "Baseball" had several editions, for example the 6th edition was in 1957, that is, The 1st edition appeared maybe 4 or 5 years before, if I find more information I will inform you, later I will look for some more, a few years ago looking for other things I found in a closet 3 boxes with games from the 50s all new and complete, They had never been used, a box did not attract our attention because it had an electrical cable, when I connect it I see that it lights a light bulb that it had inside and on top it had a snowy glass and a few leaves with land and plays drawn to put on top of the glass, something curious. Greetings.

Roland 49 03-23-2021 10:38 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hello, in the photo we see 2 Lloyd cards, from the 2nd series of "Aguilitas" the one on the right has a printing error, many years ago it was mine and I put it in one of my albums above the card next to the Lloyd who is stuck, that is, above Oscar Charleston with the idea of ​​comparing the good one with the one that has a printing error, perhaps one of this thread currently has it. Yes or no?

Roland 49 03-24-2021 05:19 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hello, now I send you images of different boxes of Parcheesi games and different cubes, the dice and the board also change the chips, now I ask you these images that I have sent you on several occasions, what do you do with them, do you use them on the page of games? Greetings.

Roland 49 03-24-2021 08:08 PM

Ty Cobb 1910 Habana
1 Attachment(s)
Hello, they asked me if they wanted to see the photo of Ty Cobb in the "Tabacos Larrañaga" factory in Havana in 1910, I show them a fragment of the photo.

Butch7999 03-25-2021 01:03 AM

¡Gracias, Roland! We maintain a library of more than 10,000 photo references of the roughly 1,500 different games we've catalogued,
games made from the 1860s to today -- games made in the USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, England...
If we get enough photos of enough games made in Cuba, we may eventually get around to doing an article, a "photo essay,"
about those games at our website. But mainly we accumulate game photos just for our own reference -- we're too dim to remember
what every one of those 1,500+ games looks like just from the game's name or title! And often the photos are useful in answering
questions that members or visitors post to our own Forum.

Roland 49 03-25-2021 05:20 PM

Charleston y Lloyd
2 Attachment(s)
Responding, days ago when I showed the 2 Lloyd cards, I did it to show a printing error, but at no time did I express that I had pasted it on the Charleston card, I put it above for a photo, you understood something else, now you There are photos of the album as they are pasted and the one from the other day.

Roland 49 03-25-2021 06:02 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Now I show you some loose cards I see the 2 different Lloyd's Charleston and I send you the hit in the album again, the 2 Charleston note that the release is less centered than the album.

Roland 49 03-26-2021 11:22 AM

El Sport 1885 #1
1 Attachment(s)
Jason, show me two very interesting issues, they are very rare, in the 80s a large number of weeklies were published, the most interesting and most important was according to Wenceslao Galvez in his 1889 book, the weekly El Sport, now I am sending you a Year 1 photo # 1, dated October 6, 1885.

Roland 49 03-26-2021 09:42 PM

Play Ball
1 Attachment(s)
Now I read what you explain to me about the games page, it is interesting, I will continue to send you some photos of games, but look when you publish the photos you must put my name: Rolando Sánchez and also say that it is courtesy of me, Since the photos that appear in my catalogs are registered in the author's registry and the total or partial reproduction of them is prohibited, and perhaps some image that this one could send you in any of them, okay? But don't worry, for my part I agree that you do a good job of the games in Cuba. I send you photos of the game that you sent me a photo of the second edition of the year 1947, but the first was in 1946, when you receive this message you answer me Greetings.

Butch7999 03-26-2021 11:43 PM

¡Excelente, Roland! And yes, if we display on our website or Forum any of the photos you've posted, we will
of course give you credit and thanks. Most of the photos we use are either our own or "public domain," but for
photos (or information) provided to us by museums or through the special contributions of other collectors,
we do always make an effort to credit the source.

By the way, regarding ¡Play Ball! creator Zerpa -- we're unfamiliar with the name. Was he "just" a game designer,
or did he have some other merit -- player, coach, team executive? -- in Cuban baseball?

Roland 49 03-27-2021 12:39 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Buth, Zerpa, according to the reports, is the creator of the game and specifies that he is "Public Accountant" after that information, the registry numbers etc. Now you have the photos of the open game box folders and you can see both, the one from 1946 and 1947. When you see them, you will respond to me.

Roland 49 03-27-2021 01:26 PM

Monte Irvin
1 Attachment(s)
Now you will see Monte Irvin in my house, in one of his visits in 2004, seeing some of his postcards and the album of the collection "El Indio" he did not know them.

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