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02-19-2012, 01:38 PM
Hey All,

Where do you suppose I could find a nice PDF (or equivalent) checklist for the 1911 T205 basic set, similar to the '15 Cracker Jack list linked below?


I took up the Old Gold set this past week and I'm anxious to start checkin' 'em off.

Thanks in advance!

02-19-2012, 01:50 PM
1 Ed Abbaticchio
2 Doc Adkins
3 Leon Ames
4 Jas. P. Archer
5 Jimmy Austin
6 Bill Bailey
7 Home Run Baker
8 Neal Ball
9 E.B Barger (full "B"
10 E.B Barger (partial
11 Jack Barry
12 Emil Batch
13 Johnny Bates
14 Fred Beck
15 Beals Becker
16 George Bell
17 Chas. Bender
18 Bill Bergen
19 Bob Bescher
20 Joe Birmingham
21 Lena Blackburne
22 William E. Bransfiel
23 Roger Bresnahan (mou
24 Roger Bresnahan (mou
25 Al Bridwell
26 Mordecai Brown
27 Bobby Byrne
28 Hick Cady
29 Howie Camnitz
30 Bill Carrigan
31 Frank Chance
32a Hal Chase
32b Hal Chase
33 Hal Chase (only left
34 Eddie Cicotte
35 Fred Clarke
36 Ty Cobb
37 Eddie Collins (mouth
38 Eddie Collins (mouth
39 Jimmy Collins
40 Frank J. Corridon
41a Otis Crandall
41b Otis Crandall
42 Lou Criger
43 Bill Dahlen
44 Jake Daubert
45 Jim Delehanty
46 Arthur Devlin
47 Josh Devore
48 W.R. Dickson
49 Jiggs Donahue
50 Chas. S. Dooin
51 Mickey Doolan
52a Patsy Dougherty
52b Patsy Dougherty
53 Tom Downey
54 Larry Doyle
55 Hugh Duffy
56 Jack Dunn
57 Jimmy Dygert
58 Dick Egan
59 Kid Elberfeld
60 Clyde Engle
61 Louis Evans
62 Johnny Evers
63 Bob Ewing
64 George Ferguson
65 Ray Fischer
66 Art Fletcher
67 John Flynn
68 Russ Ford (black cap
69 Russ Ford (white cap
70 Bill Foxen
71 Jimmy Frick
72 Art Fromme
73 Earl Gardner
74 H.L. Gaspar
75 George Gibson
76 Wilbur Goode
77 George F. Graham (Cu
78 George F. Graham (Ru
79 Eddie Grant
80a Dolly Gray
80b Dolly Gray
81 Clark Griffith
82 Bob Groom
83 Charlie Hanford
84 Bob Harmon (both ear
85 Bob Harmon (only lef
86 Topsy Hartsel
87 Arnold J. Hauser
88 Charlie Hemphill
89 C.L. Herzog
90a Dick Hoblitzel
90b Dick Hoblitzell
90c Dick Hoblitzell
90d Dick Hoblitzell
91 Danny Hoffman
92 Miller Huggins
93 John Hummel
94 Fred Jacklitsch
95 Hughie Jennings
96 Walter Johnson
97 D. Jones
98 Tom Jones
99 Addie Joss
100 Ed Karger
101 Ed Killian
102 Red Kleinow
103 Johnny Kling
104 Jack Knight
105 Ed Konetchy
106 Harry Krause
107 Floyd M. Kroh
108 Frank LaPorte
109 Frank Lang
110a Arlie Latham
110b Arlie Latham
111 Tommy Leach
112 Watty Lee
113 Sam Leever
114a Lefty Leifield
114b Lefty Leifield
115 Ed Lennox
116 Paddy Livingston
117 Hans Lobert
118 Bris Lord
119 Harry Lord
120 John C. Lush
121 Nick Maddox
122 Sherry Magee
123 Rube Marquard
124 Christy Mathewson
125 Al Mattern
126 Sport McAllister
127 George McBride
128 Arby McConnell
129 Pryor McElveen
130 John J. McGraw MG
131 Harry McIntyre
132 Matty McIntyre
133 M.A. McLean
134 Fred Merkle
135 George Merritt
136 Chief Meyers
137 Clyde Milan
138 J.D. Miller
139 Mike Mitchell
140a Pat Moran
140b Pat Moran
141 George Moriarty
142 George Mullin
143 Danny Murphy
144 Jack Murray
145 John Nee
146 Tom Needham
147 Rebel Oakes
148 Rube Oldring
149 Charley O'Leary
150 Fred Olmstead
151 Orval Overall
152 Freddy Parent
153 Dode Paskert
154 Billy Payne
155 Barney Pelty
156 Jack Pfeister
157 Jimmy Phelan
158 Ed Phelps
159 Deacon Phillippe
160 Jack Quinn
161 Bugs Raymond
162 Ed Reulbach
163 Lewis Richie
164 John Rowan
165 Nap Rucker
166 W.D. Scanlan
167 Germany Schaefer
168 Admiral Schlei
169 Boss Schmidt
170 Frank Schulte
171 Jim Scott
172 Bud Sharpe
173 David Shean (Rustler
174 David Shean (Cubs)
175 Jas. T. Sheckard
176 Hack Simmons
177 Tony Smith
178 Fred Snodgrass
179 Tris Speaker
180 Jake Stahl
181 Oscar Stanage
182 Harry Steinfeldt
183 George Stone
184 George Stovall
185 Gabby Street
186 George Suggs
187 Ed Summers
188 Jeff Sweeney
189 Lee Tannehill
190 Ira Thomas
191 Joe Tinker
192 John Titus
193 Terry Turner
194 James Vaughn
195 Heinie Wagner
196 Bobby Wallace (with
197a Bobby Wallace
197b Bobby Wallace
198 Ed Walsh
199 Zack Wheat
200 Doc White (White Sox
201 Kirb White (Pirates)
202a Kaiser Wilhelm
202b Kaiser Wilhelm
203 Ed Willett
204 Chief Wilson
205 Hooks Wiltse (both e
206 Hooks Wiltse (only r
207 Harry Wolter
208 Cy Young

02-19-2012, 09:50 PM
208, eh?


02-19-2012, 10:22 PM
This is easily my favorite set...I guess sometimes I want to collect the master set and sometimes I don't...I think the listed checklists can be confusing.
Here's why:
The variations in pose are usually listed out...those are totally different looking cards. Then there are some slightly different variations...an initial here and an intial there (see Leifield, Latham) , different stat lines (see Wallace, Hoblitzell)
Then you have crazy stuff like Wilhelm with and without R in "suffered" or Mathewson whose Cycle back shows a 37-1 Win/loss record, but those are only present with certain backs. That's just a few examples.

I notice that the checklists above have A+B versions listed on some of the cards I mention above, so if you collected all of those you'd have at least 8 more cards above the 208.

I have quite a few of the errors, but I don't know if I want to pay big money for a stray line of text or a misspelled name variation...maybe:confused:
I know this...I have a base set (or maybe I should say a partial master set which consists of all of the front variations...)

So after all these years of collecting this set, I still don't know when I am going to say I am done...

02-20-2012, 12:27 AM
I'm scratching my head over the same thing, Brian. I've located several different checklists and resources and I'm finding that the numbers vary. Some show a Basic set with 208, while PSA recognizes only 206. Who's right, I wonder?

As for your collection, you've got some impressive prewar goodies in there. My Cracker Jack set is coming along...


02-20-2012, 08:46 AM
I'd say a basic set is 208. PSA has only 206 because they don't differenciate between the Hal Chase 1 ear or 2 ear, or the Bobby Wallace with/without cap.

02-20-2012, 10:13 AM
Thanks for the thread and the link, scoutsout;
I've been looking for exactly that format, and have just printed the 208 name checklist on one page.


02-20-2012, 10:40 AM
Why is the Matty 37-1 card not included? Doesn't seem any different than the Wilhelm variations.

02-20-2012, 10:47 AM
Thanks for that little tidbit, Bruce. I had another question, though: why do you suppose PSA doesn't have a spec number assigned to Hal Chase, Otis Crandall, Patsy Dougherty, Dolly Gray, R. Hoblitzell, A. Latham, A. Leifield, et cetera?

02-20-2012, 07:30 PM
Why is the Matty 37-1 card not included? Doesn't seem any different than the Wilhelm variations.

To be honest I think that only one of every front is an actuall basic checklist. 1 hobby, 3 chase, both crandalls, both Dougherty, one of the wallace no caps, and so on.

02-20-2012, 07:55 PM
I guess it's all how you slice it....
Some might say for example , that the two Crandall cards or Leifield would only be included in a "master" set.

By general definition, A basic set should be just one card from each player, not variations. 198 cards this way.

But for T205, I think most would agree that at minimum you would include the alternate poses (examples like Wiltse, Harmon, Barger, Bresnahan etc) in a basic set.

That version leaves the set at 209.

Still, sometimes when the stars are aligned I think the master set is 221 cards but that can certainly be debated :confused: