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Old 08-03-2019, 03:59 PM
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Default A Swing and a Miss...

Now stepping up to the plate...PSA.

Here's the pitch...


...and it's a swing and a miss!!!

Now the submitter throws a low-speed fastball right over the middle of the plate...


...and a big swing and a miss!!!

The submitter underhands the ball to PSA...


...and another swing and a miss!!!!!!! Yer out!!!!!!!!!

Wow, PSA really dropped the ball (pun intended) with these common cards, elevating them to the esteemed status of tough variations. I don't know what's worse, that PSA put "FIRST NAME IN WHITE" on these three cards when even my Aunt Mildred with her cataracts and glaucoma can see the names are printed in yellow, or the fact that the ebay seller listing each of these cards doesn't have a single word in any of his descriptions alerting potential buyers to the blatant mistakes on the labels. (I know, some whiner is going to say, "Waaah!! Waaaah!! Why don't you ask the seller about it instead of complaining on a message board???," so I'll say this. I already sent him a message, doofus, and am awaiting his reply. )
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Old 08-03-2019, 07:05 PM
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It's humorous how bad PSA is at mechanical errors. Especially when the submitters are inputting the CORRECT INFORMATION into the online submission form. How bad must you be at your job to screw up the ones that are provided to you accurately?
Vintage Breaks keeps getting back Topps cards labeled OPC and OPC cards labeled Topps in their PSA bulk submissions. Then they have to get mailed back and fixed for free, over and over.

But at least now we get to see how long orders are in Research, QA1, and QA2 status. At some point they'll let submitters fix these prior to mailing them back. Too bad Joe Orlando thinks everyone is out to get him, and none of his (former) customers ever gave them a useful suggestion to improve their service, according to his latest Taking My Hacks article.
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PSA: Regularly Get Cheated
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