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Old 08-09-2010, 07:22 PM
Rob D. Rob D. is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Originally Posted by slidekellyslide View Post
That one is a beauty Rob...I didn't know Frank had let it go.
Yes, the good news is Frank let it go. The bad news is if I ever have a son, I'll be shipping him to Hawaii.
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Old 08-09-2010, 09:40 PM
WhenItWasAHobby's Avatar
WhenItWasAHobby WhenItWasAHobby is offline
Dan Markel
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Default Small world regarding that stamp on the back

I grew about 7 miles away from where that auto dealer was located. Thanks for posting that.
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Old 08-09-2010, 09:56 PM
fkw's Avatar
fkw fkw is offline
Frank Kealoha Ward
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Yes Rob, I asked many times on many sites if anyone seen another and never heard of any.
One guy I didnt know, did say he had a friend who had one (but he couldnt tell me the player) and was trying to talk me down on my price, I said if you show me a scan of another I'll knock down my price by 50%, but never heard back. Thats the closest.

The reprint HR Derby cards say reprint on the bottom of the front, but even if this is scuffed off they are easy to spot in person, the reprints are on a thicker sturdier card stock, the authentic cards are on a glossy type thin stock (similar to a R314-1).
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Old 08-10-2010, 01:19 AM
nolemmings's Avatar
nolemmings nolemmings is online now
Todd Schultz
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REA had an Esslinger Home Run Derby sheet for sale a few years back. Apparently they issued individual cards too, as the Aaron was not hand cut from the sheet. The Aaron is cropped differently, not only top and bottom but also side to side (slightly).

I remember that card not meeting the $99 minimum bid on ebay, shortly before it sold. I have not seen any others.
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Old 08-10-2010, 02:48 PM
slidekellyslide's Avatar
slidekellyslide slidekellyslide is offline
Dan Bretta
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Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
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Here's a pic of that Esslinger's poster
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Item_9226_1.jpg (67.4 KB, 333 views)
Looking for Nebraska Indians memorabilia, photos and postcards
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Old 02-08-2019, 10:34 AM
smillz300 smillz300 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2015
Posts: 27

I'm just getting into the Home run Derby set and this Mantle i won last week has the same Stamp....very cool! These things are getting pretty hard to find!
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Old 02-08-2019, 01:04 PM
brian1961 brian1961 is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 960

Since the topic of reprints came up, the beautiful 1960 Home Run Derby set was reprinted in the late 80s. The card dimensions and quality of the cardstock on the reprints is virtually the same as the originals. However, the reprints were marked as such with this notation to be found on the lower right border:

C.C.C. - 1988

The "C.C.C." stands for Card Collectors Company. I believe the head of the company at that time was Richard Gelman, son of famed early Topps employee, Woody Gelman.

Again, to avoid confusion, when I say "1960 Home Run Derby", that was the year the cards were issued, not 1959. I conclusively proved in my E-book, Never Cheaper By the Dozen, that they were issued the year after all the guides and grading companies have said they were.

---Brian Powell
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Old 02-08-2019, 03:32 PM
BeanTown's Avatar
BeanTown BeanTown is offline
Jay Cee
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Home Run Derby cards are one of my favorite sets from the 50s. Rare and cool!!!
Love Ty Cobb rare items
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Old 02-08-2019, 04:09 PM
RedsFan1941 RedsFan1941 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
Posts: 899

does any one know if that Aaron Esslingers card (not the sheet) posted above has sold since this thread was started? i searched online but could not find a sale. very cool card imo
R0nnie L3hman
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Old 02-08-2019, 07:01 PM
Baseballcrazy62 Baseballcrazy62 is offline
Mike Reid
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Michigan
Posts: 318

I have the Kaline with the same tape marks and the same stamp on the back. I will try and post a picture of later. A really cool set and very tough to find.
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