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Originally Posted by packs View Post
A TPG renders an opinion. I don't think you can fault someone for their opinion on a given day when they assessed the authenticity of an item. It's the hobby that tries to twist TPG opinions into fact. I don't think the companies owe anyone anything if something they authenticated is later determined to be forged. It's the seller and AH that need to make things right. The TPG didn't benefit from the sale and they gave the submitter exactly what they paid for: an opinion.
This exactly. Way too many people follow here opinion as facts. These people are sheep and when they get slaughtered I feel very little sympathy for them. Let me clarify, you are paying for an opinion. Those opinions differ amongst authenticators. Just because you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t mean they should reimburse you anything. I can’t believe the arguements that people are trying to make when the opinion someone gives turns out to be wrong. It is a completely different story if you can prove that the opinion given is wrong and the authenticator is knowingly authenticating a non authentic item. People need to stop throwing blame at other people and look in the mirror.
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Originally Posted by drcy View Post
Actually, you should want an expert to be paid to make an assessment of the item (real, fake, identity, age, new, old, whatever). It wouldn't be good if he was paid, or paid differently, depending on what is the decision. That's a way to corrupt the opinion process. If that's the way card grading/authenticating or anything is done, it's wrong.

I don't formally examine items anymore, but if I am paid I'm being paid to examine the item and give an assessment as to what it is. I'm being paid for my expertise (and time), and it's the same expertise involved in identifying a real item as it is fake. Obviously, for the collector, auction house or museum, being informed that something is a modern reproduction or fake is valuable information.

Except you'd hope someone who is an expert would go easy on someone who sent in a really bad fake.

My one experience with stamps was at the international show in 2006. They had some experts manning an "antiques roadshow" sort of booth with a 2 item limit. I brought a couple I'd spent a bunch of time figuring out what was up with them. One I felt was good, the other not so good. (Genuine item, but fake perforations to make it an expensive item instead of a fairly cheap one. )

The time it took him to tell after I said I was pretty confident about one but not the other and handed them to him was well under a minute for both combined. It was good to know I'd been right even if it did take me much longer to reach the same conclusion. I've since sent the real one in for an actual certificate.

In the case of autographs, being paid what they ask on a difficult one isn't really all that expensive. But I'd hope is someone sent in an obviously pre printed or rubber stamped Ruth or something they wouldn't still charge the high fee.
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