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Originally Posted by minibatsman View Post
Get this they want to know how much money I make.So they can properly appraise my home. What dose that have to do with the value?.
Mr strikes I was stationed in San Diego and San Fran wile in the service. Beautiful area defiantly a different culture of people . married a girl from Chino
no idea were that is . her uncle has condos somewhere in that area. we are considering moving there? . the next couple months will decide our move?.

LEON I think the columns on your home are fiberglass and pickets also . irrelevant at this time . when the time comes to paint them consider dry ice blasting before painting. you should never paint over chips or flacking on the rails. they look worst after painting if not brought back to a smooth surface. the cost of blasting will provide years of clean exterior handrails. if those are growing vines I believe you will hate them in the near future. there roots attaché and penetrate any surface. and become a real pain to remove and clean up.your call.
Thanks for the tip, Bobby. Those columns got painted 2 yrs ago for the first time. They are the least of any issues. The underhang is another story. The top balcony has leaked a little bit for 17 yrs when it rains. I have sealed the deck as well as I can and it hasn't worked. I have given up. IN about 30-40 yrs I don't think I will care.
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